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    Outfitting a bike squad

    Okay, I play an Emperor's Children army, which I'm trying to expand from 750 points to 1000 or 1500 (depending on how costly things turn out to be.)

    One of my first investments is going to be a squad of space marine bikes (probably just 3 to start with.. maybe expanding to the magic 6 later on.) The main purpose being to drop daemons quickly, and provide some fast moving CC power. However, I'm not really sure how I plan to kit out this squad at all, and could use some advice.

    What I currently have is.

    A keeper of secrets
    A maxed out sonic weapon squad.
    A close combat squad in a rhino.
    A squad of daemonettes
    A sonic weapon based dreadnought

    This is my 750 point list. I also have another squad of daemonettes in the pipeline.

    I'm unsure of the role I see the bikes playing in this army, other than to get the daemons there faster (I'm consistently annoyed by the failure of the rhino squad to get far enough in time.) Which is why I'm consulting you people for advice.. Do I go for meltaguns? Doom sirens? Sonic blasters?

    My two favourite options so far are..

    1) To leave it with the combi-bolters to keep down costs, but give the aspiring champion meltabombs or even a powerfist to add some of the anti-tank power which seems to be missing in the rest of the army judging by my last few games. The advantage here is that I avoid point-sinking, which I hate doing even if the results can be pretty monstrous.

    2) Meltaguns.. I've tried to keep with a sonic weaponry theme in this army, but maybe it's time to break it and add some meltaguns. I can't deny they're really good at killing the stuff this army has trouble dealing with, like tanks and heavily armoured infantry, but the downsides are the high points cost (might not seem a problem.. but noise bikers cost a silly number of points already) and I can't help feeling a similar but less effective result could be achieved more cheaply by concentrating on CC solutions.

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    Hmmmm... If your sqd is only going to be 3 models, then leave the standard bolters and give the champ metabombs/powerweapon or powerfist. Personally (since it's the same price as a powerfist) I'd get the powersword and meltabombs combo. Since the sqd is small you want a fast hitting sqd that has the potential to summon daemons then do some damage. With only 3 models you don't really want to be striking last in combat. Now... if your going to get 6 models, (I always do!) then it's a little different. I say get 6, not because it's Slaanesh's lucky number, but because any more than 6 biker models and you will find it very difficult to hug cover, bikers are fairly large as troops go, and in a group its very difficult to hide behind cover. Anyway, for the 6 model sqd get the champ upgraded how you want, and get the 2 meltas. It's cheaper than sonic weapons and it'll put a major hole in the enemies tanks. If for some horribly unlucky reason your meltas don't do the job, then charge the tank and let the champ handle it.

    Am I forgeting anything?... O YEA... :lol: DONT FORGET TO TURBO-BOOST!!! :cool:
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