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    Question about marks.

    Alright, im fairly new to this game... well i just play my first game last friday, anyway, im formiliar with the rules cuz i red most of the rule book and the codex and I play Iron Warriors. So i ran into a problem, first im a bit confused wich is the mark of undivided and second i was wondering was is the specific mark that is needed to use the kai gun cuz i wanted to put it on my Warsmith but then gave up with stature and the kai gun cuz i didn;t know if it was even posible to put a mark with both my shoulder pack having symbols. So insted i made him a charge monkey with t.armour, d. stranght, d. mutation, d. resilience, d.essence, and d. rune. This worked fairly nice but i still wish to put on him the mark of undiveded, he already has an iron warrior symbol. So how does this mark of undiveded look and wat mark i need to weild a kai gun on a lord?


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    Information about the Mark of Undivided is all on page 38 of the codex. What it does is allow for re-rolling failed morale checks. You can give it to your army and your Lord for the points listed on that page. The mark itself is the star made out of arrows that appears on all of the basic marine models.
    It looks like the star on top of the Defiler.

    You do not need a mark to have a Kai Gun. You simply pay for the cost and that model will have it.
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