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    How to deal with Blood Angels Death Company?

    Hey All,

    I've been having some problems with the blood angels death company lately. it's a squad about 8-10 strong with jetpacks and the chaplain. The problem I have is, they move so fast, and with the 4+ feel no pain rolls, it's very hard to kill them before they cause havoc with my Alpha Legion. Unless I have a very shooty 1500 pt list, where I have 3 squads of tactical CSM with Lascannon/plasma, and havocs with 2-4 Missile launchers, all focused on shooting that unit, it will wreck my plans of hurting his other assault units. The worst thing is, the death company gives me no victory points... so if I focused my fire on them, there are other assault squads flying elsewhere that I could claim victory points for. If I don't, the Litanies of Hate for the Chaplain will make their charge HURT...

    Any good tactics on how to deal with them, if I don't have a Defiler or Dreadnought? I just have Predator, Obliterators, and usually only 1 CSm shooty squad and 1 Havoc squad... the rest are cultists, CC CSM, CC Lord, and daemonettes.


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    Hmm...well daemonettes should deal with them - take a lot and then with warp scream and rending claws you should deal with them. Unfortunately, death company are made to get into assault FAST - if they get in, you're screwed. So focus firepower on the strongest assault units in the game, and if that's the death company, do it. Even if you reduce several assault units to a few men then you should be able to mop them up with a CSM squad or two, or take a daemon prince and just fly into the death company first - he should walk through them, especially if you make him a sorcerer and give him wind of Chaos - he'll burn a few of them and they won't get feel no pain. And feel no pain also doesn't work in combat (it's in the CSM codex, in the book of khorne, and it's exactly the same as blood angels) so a good squad of chosen with power weapons or a daemon prince should eat them. Either that, or just mob the blood angels with assault CSM squads - if the death company are left on their own on the battlefield they're gonna die. But unfortunately, a great thing against them is ordnance - hence defiler. Maybe consider getting one if the main opponents you play are blood angels, but also defilers can turn their hands (claws?) to many situations.
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    Intercept him with the daemonettes if you get the summoning roll off. They
    don't get feel no pain if they don't get an armor save in hth, so rending should
    be a big help. There's also the Obliterators. You could rapid-fire some
    twin-linked plasmaguns and then charge in and let powerfists take care of the

    Try to single out the chaplain early in combat. As a character, he always
    counts as a unit to himself (even in a retinue) and so you can pick him out if
    base to base. He's certainly the worst of the lot (probably the only one doing
    any damage to you, really.) and the power-fists of a few Obliterators should do
    the trick nicely.

    Hope that helps photobug_forever.
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