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    My first real army - Iron Warriors - HELP!


    Warsmith 60pts
    - Terminator armour 25
    - D Essence 15
    - D Mutation 15
    - D Resilience 10
    - Power Fist 25
    - Servo Arm 30
    - Plasma Pistol 15
    - Mark of Undivided 5
    Total for Lord - 200
    3x Chosen Terminators 108
    - 2x Power fists 10
    - 1x Combiflamer 5
    - 1x Reaper Autocannon 20
    - 3x Mark of Undivided 3
    Chosen 17
    - Mark of undivided 1
    - Icon of Undivided
    Total HQ Squad - 364


    6x CSM 84
    - Lascannon 15
    - Plasma Gun 10
    - Tank Hunters 18
    - Mark of Undivided 6
    CSM Aspiring Chapmion 27
    - Tank Hunter 3
    - Power Fist 15
    - Plasma Pistol 10
    - Mark of undivided 1
    Troop Squad Total - 189

    Rhino 50
    - Mutated Hull 30
    - Havoc Launcher 25
    Rhino Total - 105

    Troop Total - 294

    Heavy Support

    Defiler 150
    - Mutated Hull 30
    - Havoc Launcher 10
    - Lascannon 30
    - Indirect Fire 25
    Heavy Support Total - 245

    Total 903

    I need to get to 1000, The models i listed are the only ones i own so i would need to add some skills to them to get close to 1000pts.
    I am goin to play my friend, he has dark aldar, he has a talo, a raider and some warrior guys and i think a leader with these guys that have a staff, i think they are called incuby to something. Any tips on how to play him? :confused:

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    First off, you need 2 troop choices.
    Besides, this should be in the army lists section!
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    ok well I didnt think characters in Termie armour could wield plasma pistols...and why have you taken an icon if you have no daemons to summon? Also drop the indirect fire from the defiler, and the lascannon too. Dark eldar are very fragile when it comes to multi shot weapons, such as autocannons/heavy flamers, and seeing as they have no heavy vehicles, there is no need to take anything near as strong as a lascannon.

    A strong tip here is to destroy any transports you see on the table, as they will no doubt be carrying wyches/incubi...and you do not want these to get into combat with you. I had one unit of 10 incubi against me and it rolled something ridiculous like 60 attacks on the charge. Even a chaos lord will succumb to this onslaught so it is vital you get yourself some troop mowing power. I would get another 4 marines, and split them into 2 squads of 5 if thats you're minimum, because really you need to be deep striking the termies, and therefore you won't have them on the table at the start.

    Ideally, you need to seriously rethink your force. I know this might seem hard if you don't have the models. but it depends on how bad you want to win. Something like a Lord with Daemonic Talons, Daemonic Mutation and strength, accompanied by a retinue of CSM, mounted in a rhino, along with some heavy weapons a small squad armed with a heavy bolter and a plasma gun would be a good choice. Then depending on what u prefer, either a Defiler or a basilisk or a dreadnought. This gives you a solid base of fire power, and a small but hard hitting force of assault.

    Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck, simply because I HATE DARK ELDAR SO MUCH...and I'm a word bearers player heehe

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