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    What To Look Out For

    Me being the newb that I am. :p I've not had much chance to play many games. Hardly anyone I know plays 40k apart from two close freinds that are pretty new and use tau and necrons. Very soon I'll be entering a tourny and I was wondering what do other lords of the dark powers fear the most from the enemy? It can be any other race including tau and necrons, because my friends are pretty new and I'm not sure what other players use in their armies apart from what I hear on LO.

    By the way I play Black legion.


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    Haha, get ready to meet space marines... First off, what size?

    They are you, minus the weird deamonic stuff. Plasma hurts them, Power wepon weilding deamons hurt them (gogo bloodletters) They have a HQ that can kill your DP in 1 hit and they have some MEAN fast attack options...

    Things to keep in mind :

    Plasma is your friend - Negates those armour saves of theirs

    Obliterators are your friend - Can change to adapt to what ever they need to die with...

    Bloodletters are your friend - Negates the armour save, and you can summon them into charging...Creating a whole lot of fun

    They have rending - Assault cannons can rend your armour. Dreads/Landspeeder Tornados/Terms can all mess your day up with a few 6's

    They are your equals in CC. - If your basic bolters meet their basic bolters, you don't have an advantage. Thusly, keep them out of CC and use mean units like Posessed to get in there and rip them up.

    If it's a bigger game, prehaps summoning the huge fire magnet that is a BloodThirster will instill some fear into the marines. They shoot at the BT, your plasma/CC units just get on up closer.

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    Have you posted your army list? If not I suggest you do so, along with your known opponents and we can advise you appropriately. As it is, I am an 7 year Veteran Chaos General. There is not really anything in the 40k universe that I'm not confident I can beat. Once you set up your army appropriately, it's all in the strategy of the 2 generals playing, and the forever fickle dice gods of course. :cool: The only armies I don't really look forward to playing are DG and WE. Having fielded both these armies in my 40k career I know how down-right hard they can be in the right hands. That said, let me just say that any army can be beat. Once you get a good amount of experience under your belt you will have a decent understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the other armies out there. Chaos is the greatest army in my opinion and can overcome any obstacle. :cool:
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