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    need help against nurgle

    in a weeks time i will be a nurgle army and i really want to beat him (long lasting rivalry)
    it will be a 1000 pt game i have a rough list of the units he might use it will be something like this
    fully decked out demon prince (can these get to tougnes 7or 8 cos thats what he said i thought that the make of nurgle guves you daeomic resistance or what ever it is)
    5 or so termies (fully pimped out sargent)
    about 20 ish normal csm
    and two dreads or so

    thats what he uses in 1500pt i think but u cant exactly remember
    o play blood angels and will use something like this
    my chappie and dc
    2 preds with all round lsacannons
    and a hole lot of basic men with vet sarges i hope yous could give me some advice
    my liswt isnt ery good i know thatso i need some hlp on changeing it

    Ps i owned some other nurgle guy with this army if that matters

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    get some baal pattern preds, NOW.
    rending completley owms things like
    fully decked out demon prince
    and it's t-linked.
    if not take a land-raider cheap it out, he will get scared. nurge has limited special weapons.
    except for his biatch demon which is being delt with Baal pred. put your death company in the l-raider.
    take an honour gaurd with lots of plasma, these lay waste to termies. also give this squad a nice knarly chaplain and veteran sege with plasma. This is not overkill nurgle is hard.
    on the turn you arrive you can unleash 8 plasma shots into those termies. mwuhahahahaha :lol: :lol:
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    -seeing that nurgle can't take heavy weapons, if he is smart, he will infiltrate with a whole mess of melta guns.

    -nurgle havoks squads are nasty, 4 plasma guns infiltrating *cringe*

    -your honor guard are damn near useless against a daemon prince charging with a manreaper, just sit there and remove models.

    -nurgle is not easily owned. all the T5's become a pain in combat if you don't have furious charge

    -my nurgle list has 6 meltas and 8 plasmas, everything infiltrates, 14 daemons, 35 plague marines, 10 nurglings and a lord thats reeeeaalllyy angry, its a really hard list to beat

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    Maybe you should post this in the space marine section. But anyway you need tons of plasma. The plague marines are tough but plasma still kills them on a 2+ with no armor save. Shoot the hell out of him while he advances. A death company should be able to hold it's own against them. But what I reccomend doing is just shooting the hell out of them with as much plasma as you can. Then and only then charging into cc once you've reduced the enemy squad by a few models. Use heavies to take out the dread. and dem. prince. A couple lascannon shots should do plenty of good.
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