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    My "Daemon Prince"

    Hello. I've just decided after long consideration that yes, I will get a Daemon Prince. However, I don't like the idea of a giant Daemon in a technologically-inclined Lost&Damned army, for it just proves too contrasting.

    Here's my Prince:

    Chaos Lord w/
    -Daemonic Stature.
    -Daemonic Flight
    -Daemonic Strength
    -Daemonic Mutation
    -Combat Drugs
    -Mark of Slaanesh
    -Great Weapon
    -Sorcerer w/ 3 Slaanesh minor psyker powers and Warp Token
    -Doom Siren.

    Total Cost: 203 points.

    What I want to do is make this into a renegade Space Marine (named Arcturus) riding a custom Battlesuit he's wearing over his Power Armor, akin to a custom Crisis (fluffwise, he was a Marine that went rogue in the Damocles Crusade, gathered a band of loyal humans, and sold his talents to the Tau through a Rogue Trader/Water Caste network. As payment, a custom Crisis was made for him to wear while he still had his Power Armor on top).

    The suit further enhances his already formidable abilities yet to do so required it be made slightly larger than its Tau counterparts (Daemonic Strength,Stature&Mutation). Being redesigned for melee, the advanced targeting systems were scrapped for mobility (Daemonic Flight), and the normal weapon loadout was eschewed for a chainblade (Great Weapon), flamer & photon flare launcher (Doom Siren). The suit contained numerous algorithms for calculating close-combat strikes, counter-attacks, etc (Fuelled by Pain), yet the most impressive item was the cloaking device (Siren). No hardpoints were left after placing the powerpack needed to power the suit, which while more than sufficient, could still suffer from power overload if too much power was diverted into a single field (Combat Drugs).

    How would I model this so its Tau origins are evident, yet the fact it has a different occupant is evident?

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    I would use a tau battlesuit and then i would buy a daemon prince or another chaosy model and combine the two .
    I would go for an effect like the daemon prince in the battle suit but the battlesuit should be battleworn and torn so its contents are visable. then give the weapons a few swaps to chaos weapons and maybe a scenic base detailing a few more details about your model.
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