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    Inquisitor Play-by-IM

    EDIT: I didn't know which forum I was posting in :o Please move this to the Inquisitor forum. Thank you.

    I'm wondering if it's a feasible idea to set up, using computers to create a graphic/textual representation of a miniatures combat game.

    For those interested, please post here what character you want to be, as well as what time you can play.

    Currently, I am allowing some leeway in this party as they are a group of privateers. The party owns its own ship capable of short-calculated "warp-jumps." For whatever reasons have occured, you are a self-governing multi-racial space crew that goes about looking for ways to get money.

    Races allowed:
    Humans: The bread-and-butter race, Humans range from intolerant xenophobes (not recommended) to sly greasers (Rogue Traders) to cabalistic sorcerers (this could cause enmity with Eldar) to honorable warriors to street toughs.
    Ogryns: Ogryns normally aren't the brightest of folks, but for all intents and purposes, you have Bone'Ead augmentation allowing you to interact normally with the party. They get along especially well with halflings (their food is great), Orks, and Beastmen. Ogryns may not be Psykers.
    Beastmen: The human variant of beastman is a rough-and-tumble warrior; only a rare few may learn Psyker powers (and you better give me a good explanation why!). They tend to get along well with Orks and Ogryns.
    Ratlings: You're of a group renowned for its food, and everybody loves you for it (especially Ogryns), or is at least willing to tolerate your thievery. You may not learn Psyker powers, but negative ones only have half an effect on you (halfling resistance to psyker corruption, see?)
    Squats: Squats are generally reserved, gruff types, yet can open up to pretty much anybody, and even an individual Ork may prove worthy of being spared of the grudge against Orks. Squats in this campaign may NOT learn Psyker powers, as only the oldest of Squats are capable of this.
    Orks: There are Orks that are shunned for being un-Orky. Maybe you were a Mekboy that got too big for your boots, or maybe you respect the crew for its martial pride. At any rate, beware the Squats don't stab you in your sleep. Ork psychic power comes not from within, but from the chaos of the battlefield, meaning you may never learn non-combat applications.
    Eldar: For consorting with lesser races, you've been shunned from your Craftworld. You suffer from what basically is megalomania, meaning you have never heard of the term moderation; your emotions get the best of you often, and can prove to be your undoing. Eldar are gifted with phenomenal psychic power, yet do their best not to use it lest they invite the predations of she-who-thirsts.
    Tau: Tau are the most diplomatically gifted of all the races, able to get along just fine with all races. They are technically adept, but suffer from weak physical abilities, and may never learn Psychic abilities.
    Niccassar: Master Psykers (especially in regards to telekinesis), they are physically very weak. They get along especially well with Tau.
    Kroot: Kroot are master hunters, blending into the environment with ease. Some gifted few may learn Psyker powers, but only for personal enhancement (e.g. Hammerhand is legal but Boil Blood is not).

    -Space Marines
    -Chaos Worshippers
    -Pretty much anybody that worships the Imperial Creed.
    -Assassin cultists.

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