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    Slaaneshi Extra Armour.

    Crikey, been a while since I posted here, Battlefield 2's been getting the better of me.

    Anyway, I'm going to finish my Black Legionaires before I go to university in October (only 64% done right now) and I'm looking at my Noise Marine's Rhino.

    It's going to be in orange and black, probably half and half, and I'm wondered as to how I'm going to do the Extra Armour. I'm not one for just saying "Oh it's just extra armour"...

    I did side skirts for my Black legion Rhino (check the Kohban pictures from my sig) but I don't think they'll work on an orange and black rhino. Being noise marines i was thinking something like prisoners strapped to the sides (inspired by a Horus Heresy artwork) but i want to be sure before i mangle this.

    The model is a Loyalist Rhino that I'm converted using the Spikey Bits frame, so that might influence my decision (a desecrated rhino or smt, using the original crew as the extra armour)

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    using the orignal crew as extra armor sounds like it could look nice. One thing you will have to take into consideration if you try to use sideskirts or something of that effect is how it will work with the warp amp. (if you take it) Also on a final note why orange and black, i don't mean to be rude but it is slaanesh after all! Also with the orange and black if you do decided to go with that try flames down the side ( if your capable)
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