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    Thousand Sons HQ

    I know this has been done before, and quite possibly many, many times as well...

    However, with the recent discussions on the chosen of ahriman, and more specifically, aspiring champions in squads (Mainly referring to the many articles on hidden fists, and usefulness of tolled chapions, blah, blah, blah, etc), I feel that a look on how one could make an effective HQ choice (Being a lord or lieutenant) is in order.

    For example, in one of the mentioned articles (I forget which exactly) many people state that IC's should not use fists, as it wastes their effectiveness...

    I guess I'm just looking for all sorts of options... and knowing why I would pick them. NO, I do not want "Here, this is how I tool up my lord...", rather, I just want to know the reasonings behind certain choices in terms of wargear, powers, gifts, etc...

    Making a lord is a difficult thing... there are many good options out there... I want to hear other's opinions.

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    Ok, here's some things that I've found are useful in a cheap Lt. (At 100-1500 points I don't have much use for a tooled out lord or DP)

    Terminator armor is so retardedly cheap it's not funny, but only if you are placing him in a squad of terminators (like 5 rubrics).

    For a basic cheap lt. to hang with either a small possessed squad or similar I like the following:

    Power weapon/bolt pistol (Daemon weapons are too expensive at low points and fist weapons aren't worth it. The only thing that I can see replacing this is a pair of lightning claws (and only a pair))

    D. Aura: 90% of the time if your lord is in assault againt chaos, ig, loyalist marines, or daemon hunters there is going to be a hidding fist or powerweapon so a 2+ save ain't gonna do jack while a 5+ invulerable will.

    Bolt of change: I don't use many tanks so this does come in very handy, plus with a bs of 5 you rarely miss.

    Mutation/Str. : both of these are really useful but I don't use them unless I have spare points running around.

    Thralls: With a BoC, every shot counts so count more shots. These are probably the single best item that tzeentch can get. Just don't go overboard and get more thralls than you have T4 models in the unit. Getting wounded on 3's by a bolter sucks.

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