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    Chaos Army Revitalized

    I have an 3rd edition Black Legion Army, so doesn't look to bad. However I am wondering what I should get to have my army back in the swing of things (units and vehicles). Doesn't matter what I have any suggestion is good. Thanks yo.

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    Black Legion are a shocking "do everything at once" army in my experience. You have to worry about what to do and when, and with what all at the same time. It's a nice starting army that you can expand, but as a single entity they're a bit nasty to manage. "Shall I have one or two Death Guard squads for assault or do I take a Berzerker squad fully tooled up?" is often a good question, as is "what's the point of a tactically shooty and assaulty Emperor's Children squad when I might as well just take an Undivided unit for half the points?".

    See what I mean? If you're going to have a bit of everything, take a core of Terminators and shove them either in a Land Raider or Deep Striking as your centrepiece and have the rest of the army (a bit of everything-you get Obliterators which are better than Havocs) as support/distraction for a war-winning beast that rampages onto a table, unstoppably killing everything in it's path(in theory!).

    A huge number (10+minimum) of Terminators appearing in the table centre is guaranteed to get your opponent's attention so you can move up your armour and specialist squads to where you want them, and vice versa when you infiltrate a few squads into charge range, and then your Terminators appear and take the enemy in the rear.

    This is an old tried and tested plan for me that has worked against specialist armies, shooty ones and numbers alike. I've even given Necrons a hard time by hanging back, letting them out and striking Terminators on top of them, following up, consolidating and so on into the next lot.

    Black Legion also allow you to field Abbadon as a spec job, but he's vastly overrated so leave him behind and fill the gaps with a Bloodthirster that gets REALLY angry when he gets let out into a Banshee squad or similar.

    Give it a whirl at least once. Nobody expects random behaviour from Chaos players, but be prepared to get tired of fielding the same troop types repeatedly.
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