Recently, I've been pretty bored of the IronWarriors that I currently feild...Shooty is fun, but rarely do I ever play games where I can use the IW's 4xheavy wepons special traits

So I have choices. The games I usually play are of a smaller, less organized nature (eg : 3 for all's and such) so I am for the most part just looking for a "for fun" army that's attractive looking and fun to paint/convert (took a look in the dollar bin at walmart and found some fun stuff)

My choices mainly lay in :

Marked leader (probably Khorne or Slan)
-Squad of that mark (Or chosen terminators of that mark)

2xHb/plas marines, unmarked (if thats even legal)

I'd like to keep the 2x5man hb/plas squads as they are only 90 points and for their size do some damage, the plasma ofcourse keeps the big things off my back a little bit and deals with troublesome power armoured folks (I play vs nids mainly, so helps with their mcs if they show up)

Currently I have a small number of regular bolter (10)marines laying around , 2 plasma toters left over, 2 hb's. Which means after the two squads I'd normally take I have 4 full marines to de-construct and reconstruct as I see fit, as well as random bits which I believe I can pull another out of.

Pretty much just looking for your opinions on what would be fun to do with the limits I have to work with, as I'm out of idea's that really jump out at me.