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    Power of the Daemon Prince

    The Daemon Prince is cool. He's strong and tough and durable. I have a friend who is a Khorne player and he says you can get a daemon prince to have WS 8 S8 T8 7 attacks and a 2+/5+ save. He can move up to 12"+D6 (a potential of 24 inches in one turn if assualting). His attacks ignore amour AND invunerable saves! Plus he gets feel no pain.

    What i want to know is is all of this possible? (cause if it is im buying me a Khorne army!)And if it is true, how many points will all of this cost you?

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    It's illegal, and for more than one thing:

    W.S. 8- not possible. The highest it can be is 6 w/ daemonic stature

    Str 8- possible (base of 4 strength, daemonic stature +1, daemonic strength +1, darkblade +2, furious charge +1= +9). He could also take a power fist, which doubles the base
    strength. There are ways of getting the prince's strength to 10).

    Tou 8- not possible. The highest it can get is 6 w/ daemonic stature +1, daemonic resilience +1.

    Attacks 7- possible. (Actually Khorne can get up to 11 attacks per turn, maybe more, but I don't have the time to calculate right now).

    Movement of 12+ d6+charge- I don't have my codex on me, but I'm pretty sure this is legal- daemonic flight (movs 12"/turn), blood frenzy (innate Khornate ability that gives 33% each turn to move an additional d6), charge of 6".

    Ignoring inv saves- quite possible.

    Here's the problem: Your friend is stacking alot of abilites from weapons that he cannot have all at once. The weapon that ignores inv saves, for example, is the dread ax. He cannot take this and have a str8, which requires a darkblade). Here is the prince he is using, which, by the way, is well over the maximum number of points he can spend on his Lord.

    Chaos Lord: 240 (estimate)
    Mark of Khorne
    daemonic stature
    daemonic strength
    daemonic resilience
    daemonic aura
    daemonic armor
    daemonic flight
    dread ax (cannot have both darkblade and dread ax- illegal)
    feel no pain
    rage of khorne (he's probably not taking this, but unless he is also take the berzerker glaive, there is no other way for his prince to receive 7 attacks)
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    Boyd laid it all out pretty well. If you want a power HQ unit like the one your friend describes, play Necrons and take a Nightbringer.

    There's no point in continuing yet another one of these discussions.

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