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    lost and the damned HELP! advice 4 a n00b

    hey guys
    im starting a LatD army and ive been trying to fing tactial information and like ways to play them and backround stuff in general but theres very lil out there on them i cant even find anyhting about them on the GW site... any tips for a LatD n00b would be realli apreciated, like some general tips on how you guys play with them and wot combinations work well and wots doesnt etc... my last chaos army was world eaters army and tht was quite awhile ago (sold them and moved on to a few other armies since then) and im sure that world eaters and LatD play very differently. i knw theres no subsitute ago4 experince but id b a big help to get a few pointers... thnks in advance my army is mostly traitors, mutants, deamons and some heavy support (russ defiler basilisk) i got a 2 aspiring champs and a lientenant 4 hq

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    I'm still learning how to play with those little fellows. I've played 6 games up to now and won 4 of those. My advices are thoses :

    1 - You can infiltrate with you traitors and this is one of the best thing about this army. Use it to set up on flank or to concentrate you weak firepower on units that cost a lot. The draw back is their limited unit size (15 models).

    2 - The mutants are one of the best cost-effective troop. And you can give those some firearms for free without loosing any attacks. Adding a AC is a good idea.

    3 - Daemons and traitors is a killer mix, since traitors can infiltrate.

    4 - CSM allies are a good idea to deal with much dangerous opponents.

    5 - Sentinels are good for firesupport.

    6 - When fighting against marines, don't even try to go into close combat with traitors, use mutants instead, they are great at being killed without falling back, especialy when an AC is leading them. When fighting against IG, get close up and personnal fast.

    7 - Try to lure your ennemy into traps and have him to divide his army. Small chunk of army are easier to get rid of than big one. You must play it as a guerrilla.

    8 - Have fun, this is the best strategy. This army is doomed to loose, but you still can do some good if you think of original stragegies and tactics.
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