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    Aint been on for a while but...

    But i've devised a whole new stratergy for mad dog, i've playe din a couple of campaigns, in the last one i smashed a city, takeing it, then moved onto some landing feilds, i took 'em, then got my but kicked by an imperial guard armoured company, while i was still useing my dread nought! aaaw... so i've decided a new startergy for a khorne army that includes lots of infantry is required, and i've come up with it, OK, this guy moved his tanks forward, makeing my army split or be ran over, i had no chance of getting ALL my army into cover, so plenty of my troops got ran over, the remainder got blasted away, NOW i decided, that i should split, but not all of my troops, I Could go around the sides and bomb the tanks at the rear, then it hit me, all the shells did i mean! turret weapons can turn around, and they blasted me away from the rear, and i got slaughtered again, SO I ATTACKED THE SAME PLACE AGAIN! and i got into cover with 1/2 of my army, and the other half hid behind buildings, 1/2 in the open 1/2 not, not as many were crushed and 3/5 tanks crashed, YAY! mad dog the deamon price leapt out and destroyed another tank, 1 more to go! that tank blasted at Mad Dog, the blast scattered and massacred a Unit, another unit destroyed it with Krak grenades, Why am i telling you this? and why haven't i posted it as a battle report? it has some thing to do with the stratergy, but i can't find where it'll fit, so some one plz help me on the subject! i need to know before i can re take the city that got crushed by another armoured company (oh yeh and any help on dealing with the muppet inquisition wud be helpful).

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    So many spelling errors. Such bad grammar. So few paragraphs.

    It burns us Master! It burns us so much!

    I can't let other people fall victim as I have. Read the rules regarding posting in LO. The one that concerns you mostly is this one -

    Quote Originally Posted by The Rules
    Please follow basic conversation rules;

    No Netspeak, (y's, u's, 4's, stuff like that) However acronyms are perfectly acceptable (E.G: IMO, IMHO)
    Include at least basic grammar, capitalization and punctuation.
    If you have trouble spelling, then please use the spell-check option when submitting a new post.
    Just try to take a few extra moments to look over your posts before hitting that "Submit" button. Use the spell checker. Separate your thoughts. Please!


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