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Thread: Where's it at?

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    Where's it at?

    I'm having some trouble defining the points limit for a chaos lieutenant. On pg 14 of the codex <bottom of armoury page> it tells me I cant go beyond a certain points limit for items from the armoury, "from the armoury" seems to define pretty much anything you can give your char with maybe the exception of sorceror ability, which is under the lord and lieut entries. On pg 15 <top left> it tells me I cant spend more than a certain amount on gifts and wargear. I've d-loaded the faq and chapter approved Q&A which has nicely defined what constitutes the various sub-categories of items that make up the armoury. Now it seems to me that a 121pt lieutenant, regardless of exactly what makes up those 121 points, is illegal as it goes over the value listed in the pg 14 box. is this correct? Oh, i'm using the older version of the codex, toughness 5 oblits without resilience and am asking this since i've seen a few of these 121+ lieuts about and they seem to have aroused no comment.

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    Ah, the older codex. Always so fun with all it's errors and inconsistencies. I recommend buying a new one ASAP. I promise you that it won't feel like you've wasted money on a new book.

    If you downloaded the FAQ from the UK site, then you should have the chart that lays out what counts towards the wargear limit and what does not. The reason you see Leiuts above 121 points is because of expensive weapons - usually Lightning Claws. Just for fun, I can create a 205 point Leiut and still be perfectly legal, since most of his costs don't count towards the limit.

    Long story short - check the chart on the Chaos FAQ. There are quite a few exceptions to the wargear points cap.

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