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    Lost & Damned and chaos space marines.


    i'm planning to build a Lost & Damned army, with tons of beastmens and traitors, and i was guessing about adding Chaos space marines.

    Well, i've got a HUGE night lords army, but i think night lords don't fit in the role of mobilizing huge hordes of mutants, plague zombies or traitors, so i was thinking to add new chaos space marines, but i don't know which will fit.

    i thought about adding alpha legionnaires or word bearers (to match with an absolute chaos doctrine, as i plan to strip and repaint all my old metal beastmens, my old bloodthirsters and incinerators), but i don't know if other chapters may match (as Death guard, World eaters, etc.)

    what do you think?


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    I would stick with one of those two, or perhaps be generic with black legion. The reason why is with the armies dedicated to one god are very limited in what they can field. The rule is that any chaos marine with any mark of chaos becomes an elite in a lost and the damned army.
    This limits say, world eaters to one squad of bezerkers, and a lord.

    Hmm the descision could be based on fluff or perhaps each legion's specal.

    Fluff-wise Alpha legion would suggest that your lost are in imperial space and have been courupted, wich is very fluffy in my opinion.
    The others could be likewise, or could have come from the eye of terror.

    Rule wise:
    alpha legion grants you cultists, wich work as cheep hth traitors, and cheep infiltration for your marines.
    Word bearers gives you access to demigog, the ability to be lead by a dark apostle.
    Black legion lets you have a couple squads of normal marines, and still take a marked squad as an elite.

    Either way pick your poison and welcome to the TRUE face of chaos. (The marines being the elite minority according to fluff. . .)

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