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Thread: Chaos Icons

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    Chaos Icons

    I was wondering what people think of having a unit icon in a squad and a personal icon on the champ. For me it feels like a waste of 10 points but there are others I know who swear by this and always do it.
    Also I was wondering what people find to be the best model to carry the icon, the champ, a special weapon guy or just another basic trooper. In say an 8 man squad, it feels ok to have a specialist icon carrying guy since you have to lose 4 guys before you really start to care, but what happens in say a 5 or 6 man, and what do you do in larger squads?. From bitter experience i've found that a plasma gunner is not your ideal icon guy as on a really bad dice day he can totally ruin your plans.

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    well i'd say put your icon on the guy you're going to be taking last as casualties. That means you'll always have you icon. It's up to you whether you like the heavy weapon or the champion more.

    Also i don't think you need a personal icon on champs. It's only really there for Lords who move really fast (flight, steed etc.) so that you can get an icon into a good position for summoning.
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