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Thread: great weopons

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    great weopons

    hi all
    i was just wondering y ive never seen anyone take a great weapon b4?
    4 instance if u have dark blade, d strenght, d stature, furious charge and a great weapon u can get str 10 or if u want an equvilant of the d blade get a power weopon great weapon and d streght 4 just 3 points more with no mastery tests needed. this can b useful 4 a 2nd hq if the others all ready got a demon weopon:yes:
    so 2 rap up this post y does nobody use them and what r ur thoughts on them

    thank 4 and replys

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    The great weapon and the dark blade do not stack.

    The great weapon is a two handed weapon which gains its strength because it is wielded two handed. As such, you cannot use another weapon while you are wielding it.

    So, by using a great weapon you are also denying yourself the possibilty of getting a 2nd attack with 2 CCWs.

    In answer to your query, no I don't think many folks use them, simply because typically on an AC or IC you want to have a power weapon/fist/equivilant if they are tooled up for hth.

    About the only really useful way I can see using the great weapon is with a DP stature as you yourself stated, but only if I was:

    A) Strapped for points.

    Really liked the look of the model.

    Because you do lose the postential for another attack and there are so many better weapons to be had.

    If It was possible to equip actual squad members with a great weapon, then perhaps we might see it occaisionally. As it is, its kind of an anomoly.
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    Well, there are a few reasons why your idea wouldn't work so well. Firstly, a great weapon is a 2-handed weapon, which means you can't use a second close combat weapon in close combat. And if you could, you couldn't benefit from both the +1 strength of the great weapon and the ignore armor ability of the power weapon. You do all your attacks with one weapon or the other, and would simply get +1 attack for having 2 close combat weapons.

    Because Great Weapons don't ignore armor saves and don't allow you to get +1 attack from a second close combat weapon, I really don't think they'll be all that useful, except against folks with weak armor saves.

    Maybe if you wanted a really cheap, statured daemon prince it'd work ok, but even with a daemon prince I'd still rather get more attacks than have higher strength attacks.

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    Please read forum rules about proper posting procedures. The rule I am specifically referring you to is rule number 8. It's not hard to post like a grown-up and use proper English grammar and spelling.

    If you want your post re-opened then I suggest editing your post so that it doesn't make my eyes bleed to read it.


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