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    My new Chosen squad

    I’ve stayed away from chosen other then fielding them as terminators as I was unsure how to properly build them. I’ve recently decided to build a unit to fit in with the rest of my army. I realize that these units are quite a bit more expensive then possessed, coming in at approximately 50 pts/model, but possessed can’t infiltrate, and therefore don’t fit into an all infiltrating Alpha legion army in my opinion. Plus the 4 that i've put together so far look hella cool.

    They are also more expensive then, and not quite as good as raptors, but I’ve already fielded 1 squad of raptors in my army. Interestingly enough, the current build of the raptors is 9pts, and 1 model larger then this squad.

    Now that I’ve somewhat justified the expense, I give you my build, please critique.

    6 Chosen Aspiring champions -->298
    ---Mark of Chaos Undivided
    ---Daemonic Speed
    ---Furious Charge
    ---Bolt Pistol
    3 X
    ---Close combat weapon
    2 X
    ---Power weapon
    1 X
    ---Power fist
    ---Spiky bits

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    Well, if you get first turn, they'll run over anything they come across. If you don't get first turn, they'll probably never see the second. But, that's the price we pay when we have first turn charging units.

    There is no reason to have Spiky Bits on a Champion when Mutation is avaliable.

    You may also want to look into Strength for the two Champs with Powerweapons. Furious Charge is okay, but isn't always avaliable.

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