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    Lesser daemon summoning ?

    lol... hope ya'll don't mind me askin so many questions ;p seems like about 20% of all posts on the first page are my questions

    anyway, I was wondering whether or not I can hold my lesser daemons in reserve rather than summoning them from turn 2 on and if it must be done by unit rather than an independent character? For example: its 6 turns into the game and I havent even tried summoning them on the table yet because I'm holding them. My chaos lord is locked in combat and needs backup but hes far ahead of everyone else. Can I then summon into combat next to me on that turn? While reading the codex about daemon summoning it doesn't say anything about them absolutely needing to be summoned from turn 2 on or that they don't need to be.

    Also it states that a unit with terminator armor can be set up to use the deep strike rule. I'm under the impression that this also goes for a chaos lord with terminator armor as well?

    Anyone know if any of that example is legal? none of it? am i askin too many questions? ;p

    Thnx all I really appreciate all the patient answers to my questions so far.

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    You must start the summoning rolls on turn 2. (P.12 chaos codex)

    The only way to hold your daemons on reserve and to use it when you want to is by using a chosen squad with the special icon (Daemon icon) that can contain a daemon unit (look in the chaos armoury, under special icon).

    All terminators can use the deep strike rule and you must begin to roll for deep strike on turn 2
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