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    Question about World Eaters

    For some time now, I have been pondering about using world eaters in a mono=khorne army, and was wondering if you all could give me some ideas on how to go about it. Ive been so set with Nurgle that I cant really think outside the box of plagues.

    Any help would be appreciated. thanks for your time.

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    Hey DaemonPrinceMindrot,

    First off, welcome to LO.

    Anyway, like every other army your gonna want to start off with a HQ and 2 Troop choices so you can get started. Khorne is a fun, and relativley straight forward to play.

    For your HQ, I suggest a Lt. at first. I'd keep him below 120 pts for starters, and when you get a larger army and larger pt battles you can turn him into a more expensive Chaos Lord.

    Here's a example of a cheap lt.

    Lt. (1)
    -MoK (1)
    -BP (1)
    -Dark Blade (1)
    -D. Speed (1)

    May not be perfect, but just a cheap example of a Khorne Lt.

    The other option for HQ choices for a Khorne army is the Bloodthirster, but I would wait for larger games to take him. I tend to prefer a Chaos Lord or Lt. better anyway.

    For troops your gonna want Bersekers and Bloodletters. Always have squads of 8 including the AC- that way you get the AC for free. Give them Chainaxes as well, and the AC a powerfist. That way you will be able to pop tanks, dreadnoughts, or any other big creatures that come your way.

    Bloodletters are another good option, but I'd first get two squads of Bersekers before you expand into Bloodletters.

    After you have a good base army, then you can experiment around, and see what else you like. Then you can expand into the FA, Elite, and HS sections.

    Here's an example army with no exact pts and wargear:

    HQ- 1 Lt.
    Troops- 2x 8 Bersekers
    Troops- 8 Bloodletters
    Fast Attack- 4 bikers
    Heavy Support- Predator

    Basically, your Bersekers charge up while the predator can pick off any heavy armour or vehicles or other nasties. The Bikers zoom forward to unleash the bloodletters while the Lt. can support in close combat or shooting depending on how you gear him.

    Generally, Khorne is a close combat army, but can be hard to control. Make sure that you have enough firepower to destroy any speeders or other units trying to draw your army away.


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