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Thread: Rubric squads

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    Rubric squads

    In a 1000pt list, is a squad consisting of four rubric marines an aspiring champion with fist, bolt of change, and 4 thralls enough to footslog across the board and be a viable fire support squad? I am concerned with the lack of bolters so I guess my question is how many bolters should I aim for in a rubric squad? I think tzeench's sacred number is way too many for smallpoint games. With my current layout I dont think I can afford more than 5 rubrics plus the AC and all his goodies. Does that extra marine add that much to the squad? Because I could buy the AC Wind of chaos and a familiar for the same price...
    Thanks for your imput,

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    If you're footslogging, and you've got an AC with a powerfist, then I'd say it is definitely worth it to get the 4 more marines for the sacred number (at least more than the squad's minimal size).

    unless you mount them in a rhino, expect to have that whole squad get dropped before they make their points back. Also, I would seriously suggest dropping to a power sword if you only take 4 marines in the squad + the AC. In order to get the most out of the power fist, you need those extra few marines to soak up wounds so that your AC will even get to attack before being killed.

    If filling out your minimal troops choices is the problem, just remember that you can always take some horrors/flamers to fill out the other troops slot.
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    Five models can be "easily" dealt with in a turn. It only takes a unit of Devastors or something similar to render them useless.
    I try to use my small squads as Fast Attack-substitutes and that works well, as you can "make new friends" while in the heat of battle with Gift of Chaos.
    You could take two full squads foot slogging and then a HQ of your own liking + a "faster" unit; small rhino Squad or deepstriking Rubric Terminators maybe as Neferata said Daemons.
    The thing about the Sons is their durability, the first turns they seem to be doomed, but then... they never die. Turn after turn, it doesn't matter if you lose two or three models, you can lose maybe four without losing really anything. They just keep on slogging and firing, taking the enemy down piece by piece.
    If you go small-squads, you better have a high rate of mobility and very potent Champs.
    Without the added mobility chances are you'll never use that Wind of Chaos since it craves careful positioning, something that is very hard to get when moving at random speed.

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