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    How to equip DG Termies?

    Ok, so in my last post, it seemed unanimous that at least one squad of DG termies is worth it. Now, how to equip them to maximize their damage, and the best use to put them to. Whose got ideas? Deep Strike or Land Raider? What weapons and upgrades? What has worked for you (or against you)? Thanks.

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    If you're fighting armies with a lot of AP2/1 weapons, then it would probably be best to Deep Strike them, but if not, have them footlogging.

    A land raider will simply make an expensive unit twice as expensive.

    Now you can go for one of two approaches - tank hunting - tank hunter veteran skill and 2 reaper autocannons. This gives you 4 twin-linked strength 8 shots a turn. Not too shabby...

    Or you can go for the combat approach, and once more this can be put into 2 categories. Lightning Claws or Power Fists. If you go with the former, take Furious Charge, but if you go for the latter, take nothing. Makes you cheaper.

    The thing to remember is this: You're death guard - you're not likely to take any more than 1 loss from your termies before you get to strike, and when you do....they're going to be in a world of pain. Power fists are also useful for Anti-tank - something which Death Guard will usually lack.

    Hope that helps.

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