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    Poorly written and poorly thought out Tzeentch tactica.

    Ok, I like Tzeentch, and I hear alot of new players on the forum questioning how to best use Tzeentch, so I though I'd give my thoughts. Some of my info may be wrong, some may be stupid, but I think you may at least get some ideas, and hopefully use some uncommon units.

    By uncommon units I mean most Tzeentch lists I have seen are pretty standard. That means not only do they get boring but as soon as you say Tzeentch your opponent is going to know exactly what you are bringing to the table. This isn't good for you. Even if this IS the ideal list, sometimes bringing that surprise unit can shake your opponent up and give you a slight advantage. Here is my idea of a standard list.

    Cheap HQ that will probably join a squad.
    1 squad of flamers
    a bunch of rubric marines accompanied by an AC with a power fist and Bolt of Change
    Predator with all Lascannons
    Dreadnaught with Lascannon

    It's a good list, it really is good, but I think there are some things that have been left out. Let's go over some of your choices.

    You've got a couple good choices here and I think you shouldn't cheap out here on what can be a very nasty unit, and can give you some much needed close combat help. One good Tzeentch HQ can be as good or better than an entire squad of CC troops in many armies, but they will cost you as much too.

    Greater Daemon: My second favourite daemon, most importatnly because he has flight. I think if you are going to spend so much for one guy he HAS to have mobility. He can get around and capture objectives, is hard as **** to take down, scares the crap out of opponents disproportionately to his cost, acts as a fire magnate, hoefully distrating heavy weapons away from you rubrics that could outright kill them, and can dish out alot of damage. He gets a free psychic power, I think Wind is a good choice, drop that and charge and your opponent is in for some trouble.

    Lord: You have 2 main choices here, thralls or no. Thralls are awesome, but they restrict your mobility. You have to foot slog it or take a vehicle if you have thralls so I say give them to your AC's and go one of two ways for your lord. Either disc which is good and looks awesome, or the standard chaos Stature and Flight. Stature is one of the best deals in the Chaos codex so unless you want to fluff it up I would go stature and flight, give him a Darkblade and mutation, spiky bitz and a binch of other stuff and I pished myself just thinking about him.

    Lt.: I say this can be a good second HQ for an addition to a rubric squad. Give him a power weapon, strength, mutation, 4 thralls, and a bolt and he can keep cost down and make one squad awful mean.

    Rubric squads are good, but the lack alot. They have bolters which although they can always pop off one shot at 24, against your M(arines) Or their E(quivalent) armies you are spendind alot of points on guys that aren't dishing out alot of damage. They never get a bonus for charging which hurts, and yes they may not be doing alot of charging, that is your negative right there. Everybody gives them an AC with Bolt of change and a power fist, and you can't have a powerfist without mutation so take that too. AC are better than HQ's to some degree because they can't be picked out so your opponent has a long way to go before he gets to this guy. Still these squads are hard to kill get some nice shots off while advancing and sac a wiz for 2 Bolts a turn.

    The only thing scary about these guys is their name, and how they look which is great. They are utterly horrible, get it, get it, but c'mon, such at CC only have a two shot bolter that shoots 12 inches? I suppose if you absolutely know you are playing Tau, don't take these.

    Flamers: These are 6 points more than Horrors but they have a heavy bolter that shoots 18 inches. Still not very far, but better, more shots and stronger. Sadly you only hit half the time. I say these are OK. I would take a squad, but you better be good to use them properly.

    Troop Transports:
    Rhino. I don't like rhinos in most cases but I say take them for every squad or none. One and it's easy pickings. Tzeentch need some movement and if your rhino live you can shuttle around the board taking objective, getting to a better firing location, even preparing for CC when the situation calls for it. All in all I say take one for every squad and give it extra armour and smoke launchers. Smoke is important because penetrating hits now make you disembark. You don't want that.

    Land Raider: I think not, too costly, you are already spending enough on your troops.

    Chosen: Here you lose the main good thing you get for your ten point mark an extra wound. All you get is to be a sorceror that doesn't have to take a test, once you pay for the spell you are in the land of rediculous. Don't take chosen, ever, unless you don't care if you win and are just wanting to try an expensive unit out.

    Rubric Marines: Ahhh...sweet. for 18 points your two wound power armoured marines get terminator armour. Extra attack, power weapon and twin linked gun. Better save, invul. save. I like these as the main focus of my army, I say one squad of these for every one squad of normal marines.

    Fast: You can't have any.

    Pradator: give it lascannons and maybe mutated hull. You do need heavy support here, but I dont' think you should feel like you have to take one. You already have a lord that should be able to easily break down big stuff, each squad has two pegs a turn as well, adn you're going to take an defiler aren't you? But usually, your predator is nice, and in this army, your have so many things for your enemy to shoot their big guns at, it may last awhile.

    Dreadnaught: Nah, too easy to kill, and once you give it enough upgrades you mise well have gotten another predator. And how often do these slow bastards get into CC anyways.

    Defiler: I really like defilers. They just have so much potential. They could literally wipe out an entire squad in one turn if you are lucky. But again, you don't always have to take one.

    That's it for now, I'll add more soon, when I want to type more....................................................................... ........................................................................... ........................................................................... ................................

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    Ok... you have some very good points in your post... however I would like to provide my opinion on a few matters.

    Firstly, and probably more importantly, we do get a fast attack option in screamers. Screamers are a great option for any thousand sons army to take, as they compliment automata squads beautifully. With their mobility, and nice initiative and strength on the charge, they do damage very well. Just sweep them through squads of opponents, especially those tied down into long combat with your automata. With the fall back rule, they'll pretty much always be charging in... and as such, they jus make a great addition to any thousand sons army.

    I agree with your statement on chosen, however sometimes they should be considered for a smallr etinue for a lord/lieutenant. ON of the best things about chaos is the huge flexibility we have in our HQ choices, and also the retinue accompanying them. Also, chosen are the only option for a blasted standard, which whilst expensive, is very, very useful in certain situations, especially if your whole HQ is decked out in terminator armour and deep strikes into enemy lines. Lots of nasty shooting potential.

    I think the main thing to remember when playing a thousand sons army is that whilst we don't have the option everyone else has in special weapons, veteran skills, etc., what we do have, we're good with. We have excellent durability, great harrassment option, awesome mid range firing power and another great thing is that often we wear down the opponents morale... which can be as important as getting that nice penetration roll on a tank.

    None the less, a decent post.

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