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    Cypher and the Fallen - mobility?

    Ok so I love the fluff so much that I bought myself a Cypher model along with 8 robed dark angels as some fallen. I was wondering if anyone here has had some experience using him and how they managed to get cypher up the battlefield and into combat where he can work his magic.

    If possible I would like to use him in conjunction with some fallen with bolt pistols+cc weps, and was thinking about putting them all in a rhino... because with his pistols and his 6 inch movement I'm just afraid that hes never going to get into combat. If I have a single rhino though, its just going to get popped. The other thing I was thinking about is infiltrating the fallen and waiting for cypher to catch up while he stays within 6" of my squad of slogging berzerkers (if they dont frenzy too hard).

    I love Cypher and his boys but I'm having a really hard time figuring out how I'd use them in a relatively fast army. Any opinions about my ideas would be appreciated, but any new ideas would be great!

    FYI, here's the army list im trying to incorporate him into: (2000 pt. Diverse Black Legion for review)

    and here's a link to cypher's stats:
    Mod Edit - Link removed. That's not an official GW site and therefore breaks our rules to link to it.

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