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    Starting Chaos... any tips

    hey i have been playing 40k for a while now and my next army is going to be a chaos army. i have been thumbing through the codexc and im overwhelmed. it just seems confusing with everything it has. so can anyone help me out? what are the benifits of the different gods and models that assosiate with them and how can i go about making sence of some of the things in the codex such as chaos marks and deamon summoning

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    Welcome to the dark side. Our donuts have chocolate sprinkles!

    Yes the chaos codex can be a bit daunting at first and thats why you have to read it every single page about 10 times until you've committed it to memory. Also please feel free to join the chaos project team. There are also various stickied posts to teach you about chaos space marines. (Caluin seems to like those).

    Ok so you want a breakdown of the legions:

    Black Legion-best for beginners, it can do anything in the codex and has no limitations, on the flip side it has no benefits either. From a small Black Legion force you can then decide to branch out into other legions.

    World Eaters-the fearsome cc killers. Each ones faster and stronger than a normal marine and this is what you use to swarm your opponent with superior troops. Has some fairly nasty daemons but almost nothing in the army stands still. No psychic powers or infiltration. Famous for points sink daemon princes.

    Death Guard
    -nasty short ranged firepower. These guys are played in 1 of 2 ways. First is to force your opponent to come to you by using AC/HB predators and indirect defilers alongside massed bolters. The idea is to bleed your opponent and then you should also be superior in cc. The second way is to mass infantry and infiltrate them all. This means that you can overwhelm your opponents with rapid-firing bolters and true-grit cc. This option tends to use more special weapons than the 1st.

    Emperors Children-these guys are similar to nurgle in tactics but they tend to mass infantry at longer range. The idea is to have huge number of infantry with superior fire-power and just blow your opponent off the board before he can reach you. It still has plenty off cc though if he does reach you.

    Thousand Sons-these guys use very small amounts of near immortal troops. They are more maneuverable as they can move and shoot with slow and purposeful and since they have 2 wounds each they can take a beating. These guys sit on an objective and just dont get off. However a lack of special weaponry means that you have to balance them carefully with predators and defilers.

    Alpha Legion
    -Everything infiltrates. You just swamp them 2nd turn with far to many cc specialists for them to handle and hopefully overrun a portion of their army and just grind them into submission through attrition.

    Word Bearers-mass daemons. Word Bearers are rare as Black Legion can do basically anything they can do but however they have a cool looking paint scheme and they do get some benefits such sa the chaplains.

    Night Lords-Fast Attack. They tend to mass raptors, uusually infiltrating with meltaguns, and bikes with meltaguns. A couple of small lascannon marine squads and then more and more fast attack. Just move to fast for your opponent to react to the sudden battlefield changes.

    Iron Warriors-are the blast, ordnance army. They just blow your opponent away with so much firepower hes desperately trying to reach your lines. The general basis is if my opponent loses everything first turn, how can he hope to survive another 3 turns before an assault hits the mark, in which case a tooled up lord and obliterators will just drive it back. They also get to loot imperial vehicles.

    I would highly recommend reading the various stickied posts in the forum and then slowly build up a black legion army. If any part of it impresses you build on that. When you start you must choose one of the legions, if you dont want a pure marked army, i.e you want to mix marks, then just play Black Legion and let your lord have a mark if you want. Also never forget the power of being able to take infiltrate and tankhunters.

    hope that helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LordLink
    (Caluin seems to like those).
    My glue gun has a leaky nozzle, and I have to put the glue somewhere, right?

    @Anabis -
    LordLink pretty much gave you a good start. The very first thing you need to do is decide upon a Legion that fits your style. Whatever criteria you use, make sure that the legion you play is the one you like. Chaos is blessed in the fact that it's almost like having nine different armies in a single book. Each one plays quite a bit differently from the others. The Legion you pick is a huge choice, and you really want to make sure you made the right one.

    However, it's not all that bad. Starting off with Black Legion (Or a DIY Legion, if you like) is a great start, as it'll allow you to field any units without restriction and get a feel for each unit handles. After you've played around with all the various units (I suggest proxying, if you can), then you can settle upon a Legion. This doesn't mean you need to leave Black Legion, as they're plenty competitive, but you shouldn't feel stuck with them either.

    In the end, just make sure you pick an army that you love the background, the play style, and the models of, or else you'll find that you're not happy with the army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anabis_Xero
    what are the benifits of the different gods and models
    * Marked Units are 40 - 60% more expensive. That's substantial in larger games.

    * That expense is mitigated by the one or two functional advantages Marked troops get.

    Review the 'Books of Chaos' to decide if a Mark's merits outweigh its expense.

    how can i go about making sence of some of the things in the codex

    Use this document to make marginal notes in your Codex. It may help clear things up.

    Contrast with:

    This is the Latest And Greatest rev of that FAQ. (Thanks, Spack. You own!)

    This rev has helped me a lot, and AFAIK, it's offical CA. You decide.

    chaos marks and deamon summoning
    In a nutshell:

    * Marks confer Stat bonuses or Special Abilities. See Books of Chaos for specifics.

    * Marks incur an added cost per model to compensate for those advantages.

    * A Legion is an army where all Units have the same Mark, or none at all.

    * Legions receive additional Special Rule bonuses to offset certain inherent drawbacks.

    The exception (there's always one . . . ) is the Black Legion.

    There's fluff justification for calling it a Legion, but it has no Special Rules.

    It just has one Special Character - Abaddon. (To BL players - Yeah, I know, I *know* . . . )

    For Summoning -

    * Every turn, each Icon-bearing Unit must roll for Summoning.

    * This is not an option! Each viable Unit *must* roll. (See Transport exception.)

    * On a successful roll, place a Template and follow the guidelines in the Codex.

    Exception: Viable Units under Alpha Legion rules are further restricted.

    Second exception: a bit of Wargear that may only be taken by Undivided Chosen.

    These are explained in the Codex. See the Wargear/ AL sections for clarification.

    Look for - Personal Icon, Special Icon, Undivided Icon, Daemon Icon and Cultists.

    Whew! Good luck, and have fun!


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