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    Chaos Occupation Forces-Sons of Sek

    OK, so Chaso of course also has normal infantry style units, very much just like the imperial guard. SO, is there a way of making a army like that? I get this idead after reading "Traitor General", the name of the forces I'm think of were kinda elite, a blood pact. Sons of Sek. I'd like to make one, but I'm not sure exactly the best way to go about it. Probably standard IG stats, but what about IG specific rules that effect b/c of the "Emperor protects" nature of the IG, maybe just change the rule reasons to reflect Chaos? Would anyone be mad if someone fought them w/ a Chaos themed IG army?? What if they could pick certain mainstream Chaos units as well(NOT marines,obviously), but would be forbidden to take certain IG as well (Basilisk comes to mind, and probably sentinels., I'm not going to say Commisar b/c in the book the Sons of Sek had,basicaly, a Chaos commissar, though he had a diffrent name).
    Any thoughts?

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    Just add a stormtrooper type unit to a lost and the damned army to represent the elite troops? They made chapter approved rules for blood pact death brigades but they were really too awful to ever consider using.

    It seems very unchaotic to me to have an army composed entirely of elite troops. That's what CSM Are for. Chaos is about the survival of the fittest, you need some non-fittest there to take the bullets.

    Also, for those moments when you want to go to tourney, nothing to stop you using an IG grenadier army. Okay, it won't be hugely representative, but it will work.
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    Either an IG or a LatD force with self imposed limitations seem like the best bet to suit your desires.

    However this question does not belong in rules development unless you plan to create an entirely new army and wish to get people's feedback.

    Is that what you are doing?

    Assuming that you don't I'm going to move this to the Chaos forum for now.

    I'll move it back to rules development if you actually plan to create an entirely new army.
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