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    chaos tactica: cities of death

    This is my first attempt at one of these. I hope you enjoy.

    Tactica Cities or Death
    The new rules for COD mainly adjust standard 40k by adding new terrain rules and a few new scenarios with an old school cleanse feel. This tactica will discuss two of the new rules as well as an overview of how to build your army for cities of death.

    Victory Points (what counts as a scoring unit)
    The single biggest rule change, which will greatly alter army composition game play and tactics, is the victory points system. For COD battles units at 25% still count as scoring units. So unlike the 50% rule, where taking an odd number of men per squad was unadvisable, for the new system at 7, 11, 15 men you actually suffer another wound before you are counted as non-scoring unit. Picture armies toting 7 man squads of marines that must suffer 6 wounds before they cannot capture objectives, 8 that need 7 wounds, 10 that need 8, 11 that need 9, ect. It is also advisable when making your army to consider your total troops choice breakdown to maximize both the number of scoring units you possess as well as the number of wounds which each can take before it is no longer a scoring unit. Consider you have 32 total marines in your army. 2, 10 packs and 1 12 pack would give you 3 scoring units with a 25 wound soak. If you rearranged your list to accommodate 4, 8 packs you would have 4 scoring units with a 28 wound soak.

    Template Rules
    The new template weapon rules will lessen the wound output of basilisks, vindicators, defilers, and other such template toting terrors. Generals who spread their units on multiple levels of ruins will only run the risk of resolving wounds from only a single level of the ruins when fired directly. Furthermore when fired indirectly only models on the top most level of ruins will be eligible for wounding. That said ordnance blasts seem significantly less scary to me, unless of course they have certain terrain destroying strategums.

    The Cities of Death Army List
    In a very movement restrictive environment the units that can move better, faster, sooner will typically win you games. That said I think for most of my city fight battles I will leave my tanks and big heavies at home. I will opt for fast attack units like Raptors and movement buffs like the counter attack veteran skill. I would forgo taking bikes and predators as they cannot ascend the ruined buildings and flush out the enemy as well as a marine squad with a vet toting a powerfist can. They have also made an environment where equipping your general with an ether lance isn’t the worst thing you could do. Put him near a fuel dump and you have a template S5 AP3 gun/ power weapon all in one. Another thing to consider for the shooty type armies is the abundance of cover saves. Your answer is quantity over quality, it may be time to dust off the heavy bolter sprews, or take a few less upgrades for more bolter toting badguys. Chaos has many units available as well as many different army options, discussing each is out of the scope of this tactica
    Over all I predict the most successful city fight armies will combine large amounts of troops choices (>60%), elements of mobility, and deliver considerable punch for the cost be it through close combat doom or bolter fury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raytard22
    This is my first attempt at one of these. I hope you enjoy
    Good idea. Lots of useful stuff here. And more to come, undoubtedly. :- )

    Thanks, Ray!


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