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Thread: New Chaos army

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    New Chaos army

    Ok so I've just been collecting cheap chaos models on eBay, whatever they may be, for some time now and it seems I've got quite a few. I've begun painting some and have been just painting everything in "The Pyre" colour scheme from the chaos codex. I personally really liked it.

    Anyway.... I've made a couple of nice army lists. One Death Guard, one World Eaters. Because I figure with a paint scheme that isn't specialized to one cult or another, I can simply play them as one or the other, exchanging models when I need to.

    My question now though, is about my World Eaters army (the one I will likely play the most) and what I should do with my predator.

    First off, I've got my DP with stature, daemonic armor, strength, the berserker glaive and feel no pain.
    Next is 2 units of 16 berzerkers with chainaxes and furious charge. Each one with an AC with a Juggernaut, Talisman of burning blood and power-fist for finishing power.
    Then a pair of Dreadnoughts with a second close-combat weapon, destroyer and mutated hull.

    Now with all this power in close combat, and the power fists to deal with armored foes, should I gear my Predator up with smaller weapons to kill troops? Big bad lascannons to take out more dangerous opponents, or maybe a mixture of both?

    Any tips would be appreciated since I AM completely new at this but I'm pretty sure I've got a fairly good handle on the rules now and thought I'm about ready to begin building my army lists.

    By the way, one of my more common opponents will be a tyranid player though from what I've seen, their troops are SO mutable, it's hard to tell from game to game, what I'm going to be up against. About the only thing I can count on is meeting a couple units of genestealers and their awful rending.

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    If you're playing a pyre list I'd recommend using the Black Legion list myself, most players seem to agree it's simply a better list than either death guard or world eaters. You get obliterators, raptors and other powerful units, and you actually lose very little. Cult armies are worth playing if you want the atmosphere, but since you haven't used the paint scheme I don't think you're going for the atmosphere.

    Your army is okay but it has no shooting. This means you have nothing to take out tanks until your dreadnoughts have lumbered up the field getting shot all the way. Worse, a lot of tanks, when faced with a dreadnought can just reverse 6" and still fire weapons at you.

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    Against nids, you want to capitalise on heavy bolters, autocannons and flamers.

    Bezerkers are well 'ard (the technical term) but, will be brought down by sheer numbers of nids and genestealer players will laugh at you and call you names once they rend through your shiny power armour.

    You might have interesting results with plague bearers and deathguard, who have some really interesting techniques against high toughness units (Hive Tyrants and Carnifexes).

    But what Mantis man says holds true, go Black legion and take the best of all worlds.
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