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    Theamed Army Idea

    I've had this idea for a while now, An army which instead of a daemonic influence there is an alien influence. This has happened by Space Marines (or anyone) being implanted with a retrovirus which slowly changes their DNA.

    There was one in an index article (about renegades), where some members of the subjectors chapter had been instructed to eradicate the cell kin, which used replicated by use of a virus. The host would "mutate" into the form of the original creature. This did happen to a handful of the Subjectors but most were killed (Some did escape)

    The idea that I have is to use the Black Legion List, with a heavy khorn element. To represent the infected individuals I would use different choices to show how "far" along the road they are.
    CSM -> CSM with furious charge -> khorn zerkers -> Possessed -> Lord -> (possibly) DP

    The reason for the zerkers is that i could imagine the infected individuals to be more akin to animals (blood rage) and for them to have talons or other mutations (+1 A & axe chains).

    The army list would contain no Daemons, no Defilers and no Obliviators.

    I was just wondering...

    1. Would this list fit in with the general fluff of the 40k universe?
    2. Would a list like this be competitive?
    3. Would it be possible to infect the man in a dreadnought? I really like them, but if it doesn't fit i don't want to use it.
    4. Does anybody have any other ideas for options?
    5. What is the colours of the subjectors chapter?

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    1. I don't see a problem with it. They constantly encourage people to come out with creative ideas and try new things. So go for it. The fluff is yours to make and sculpt. I think it's a fine idea, they're likely to be renegades as there's a high chance that once discovered the imperium would more or less cleanse their home planet.
    2. In a word, yes. You still have CSMs (the most important thing) and you have access to predators land raiders and rhinos.
    3. The fluff is yours to decide. Personally I think that's fine.
    4. Personally, when it comes to mutations and change, over khorne i would have said that Nurgle and Tzeentch would have been your best bet.
    But that's the point, you can take it any way you want to.
    As for gaming, just make sure you keep to 1 army list - Loyalist for not so mutated marines, CSMs for mutated models and that you're trying to unphold WYSIWYG and you'll have a really interesting army.

    I would definitely try to mix plastic kits up - standard marines and mutation parts/zombie parts/tyranid parts.
    In fact, i would probably use normal marines as your base, because even though they're mutated I don't see why they would change their armour or heraldry.

    5. I have no idea. Make them pink with green spots. (don't)
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    you might be on to something karmoon. pink and green spots sound pretty good, kinda like infected EC, unless you ment polkadots like a clown, which would be kinda funny until these alien infested space marines owned my army.

    unit 32, i like you idea for the hybrid army, its one of the more original ideas that i've heard for chaos (evryone likes demons). as for modelling these guys, i'd use tyranid arms and parts.

    There was an article a while ago about making different aliens and demons for the deamonhunters to fight. One memorable one had an infestation busting out of a tau battlesuit.

    Here it is:

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    well Black Legion is the best to use as the virus can then be used to affect everyone differently. You could use anything.

    I think black armour with lots of red on it would be great.

    For the dreadnought thing its quite easy to explain away.

    Brother Leonard had seen the mutation in his brothers and had been longing for his own blessings to come. Their superior gene-seed was yet to grant him absolute power and he was hungry for it. Very gradually Leonard began to feel different, his guts ached constantly and quite often he would buckle and collapse for no reason.

    As his transformation progressed Leonard came to realise a horrible truth... his change was not a blessing but a curse. His legs were becoming soft and rubbery, his arms now lacked the strength to wield a gun and he despaired at his inability to join his brothers in battle. He was one of the few to receive the false blessing, the gift that weakens the flesh and kills the body.

    Eager to retain Leonards services and save him from the disease his brothers placed him within the shell of a dreadnought. Inside Leonard received the necessary life support systems to keep him from death and was able to join the fight despite his crippled body. However the armoured shell could not save his mind, from within the dreadnought the disease still worked at him, unable to kill him through the medicines and drugs but still destroying his sanity.

    Leonard screamed with pain for weeks on end, feeling the frenzy work up within him as the pain drove all thought from his mind. He began to rampage on occasions slaying his former brothers or anyone around him. He could not control himself during the fits. His brothers were forced to chain him up and let him loose only in battle. In battle Leonard became a powerful engine of destruction. Crashing into enemy lines with his shrieking and sending them flying.

    Leonard received his wish and now fights alongside his brothers but the "cursed" gift still works its magic...

    lol I havent written a decent story in ages now so theres one for you. It easily explains how a dreadnought could be used, similar to the chaos ones as well.

    Good luck with your cool idea.
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