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    Need Help vs Warp Spiders

    One of the regulars at the store I go to plays an all-Warp Spider Eldar List. He never brings anything else except Farseers, Wraithlords/lances and a couple jetbikes. To make matters worse, the store tournaments are usually 40k in 40 minutes; he simply brings two big squads of Warp Spiders and JSJs them until he wins. He is 8-0 against me.

    Any advice on how to beat that list in 40k/40min? I have 2 Raptor squads and plenty of Night Lord grunts.

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    Warp spiders can be very pesky, but remember they are usually very pricy, not very good in combat(except the exarch) and are fragile(low toughness).

    I would suggest the following: a pair of HQs that infiltrate, use daemonic speed and power weapon, Bolt pistol, daemonic strength, Daemonic mutation and spikey bits. that's 6 attacks on the charge, re-rolling one miss that wounds those pesky bugs on 2+ ignoring armor, if he fields a lot of small units, this should be enough to wipe them out per turn, and probably more VPs than your HQ is.

    Raptors are excellent for hunting such skittery and fast units. infiltrate, furious charge. AC with Power weapon, daemonic strength. Their hit and run ability really irks people(but don't forget that most people give their bugs the withdraw ability too, so don't assault into the middle of the army) I would suggest hitting from the flanks and moving in.

    Several CSM squads with the hidden powerfist and 2x meltaguns are good enough to take down those annoying wraithlords. Gang up 2 or 3 squads shooting and then assaulting it and it WILL go down.

    The key and trick with the spiders is to do the damage in the initial charge, because they WILL pull out and shoot you. Be sure you cripple them and possibly make them run(visage can work well for this) You just can't count on the sustained combat to eventually wipe them out.

    hope this helps.
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