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    Chaos vs Tau, 500pts, Need Army Help!

    Hey all. Thanks for the helpful posts in my “WH40K Noob? post. Now, I’d like to get into a little more detail as I have been learning about the game and design my first army.
    First, this is what I have on hand
    Chaos Lord
    -Power fist

    CSMs (10x)
    1x AC
    -Dark blade
    -Bolt pistol
    7x Bolter rifle
    1x flamer
    1x Missile Launcher

    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]That’s it. So, I am, of course, building an army (because I am a noob). I can use my Army as either Black Legion or Iron Warriors (I am painting them as IW). That means if you’re going to give some advice (which I welcome) please start by saying which ruleset you are using (BL or IW).

    I will be buying the units that we discuss to make my Army. I use for bits and I can get them from there at a decent price. So if I need a CSM squad with 4x autocannons (Havocs basically) I can get it.

    Next, I need a 500pt anti-Tau army (which I can guarantee will be an Anti-Space Marine type Tau army). I have been looking and reading and I know I can’t out-range or out-maneuver him most of the time. I know obliterators might help (especially with IW) but they are hard to find and expensive. Bikes were a good suggestion by a few people and they may work but they also fall in the obliterator category of expensive in large quantities. I am a little hesitant to get Armor because I know his anti-armor is really good.

    Basically, there you have it. I’ve been reading and researching but I am at an impasse. I want an anti-Tau 500pt Army but I don’t want to break the bank in the first month of playing either. Please bring on the suggestions.

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    Post a list in the appropriate section and then let us help you there.
    I can tell you know though, your list has several problems to it whether you're playing iron warriors, black legion, Death guard, Alpha legion, thousand sons ... you get the idea.

    If your friend is playing a jet pack Tau army in a 500pt game then, while that may be legal, it's pretty foolish to do that and it won't be fun for you. 40K is very breakeable at 500pts unfortunately.

    at 500pts there's not that many options open to you - but always better to make an all around balanced list.
    Posting a list and finding out what's good WILL save you money.
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