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    Need help with unpure Slaanesh army

    EDIT: List is up in the chaos army list section

    So after much deliberation ive decided to finish the chaos i started a while ago into an unpure slaanesh army.

    i need help with what units would work well in this army.... i want it to be a balanced list.

    here's what i know i want so far.... (2000pt list)

    Slaaneshi daemon prince with stature and speed
    Un-marked Lt. (cheap)

    full unit of obliterators

    at least 2 x 12 man noise marine squads with bolt pistols and ccw + meltas and asp champion w/ power weapon and d-strength ( i know unpure armies do not get the free asp champion)

    1 or 2 small min/max undivided squads

    at least 1 unit of daemonettes

    2 havoc squads, one slaaneshi with 4 blast masters, the other undivided with 4 ML

    Does this concept seem solid? the idea is that why have shooty units with the MoS when they probably won't be in cc so its wasted points? I'll try to post up a list soon.

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    2000pts Orks 4-2-1

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    It sounds good, i have had little experience with EC so far and have only used the shooty sonic squads (which i do swear by), but as CC marines they should be more useful in an impure army. Even though i love havoc blastmaster squads i would perhaps go with autocannons instead so points can be saved on MoS which on a havoc squad in that army is pretty useless when you have missile launchers and obliterators (perhaps even have lascannons for more armour punching?)

    (Whoops! my bad!!! you have a slaanesh daemon prince. sorry brain not working!!! have edited post for stupidity!!)
    Last edited by Herr Flik; August 25th, 2006 at 14:37.
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