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Thread: Chaos vs Tau

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    Chaos vs Tau

    So I played my Tau buddy at 500pts 3 games this weekend (my first three). So I decided I’d share my experience.

    His loadout didn’t change much, he had 2x 6 man firewarrior squads with markerlights, 2 Crisis suits with a gun drone, a CDR and a Broadside.

    My first loadout didn’t work out so well. I didn’t even manage to wound one of his units in a capture and hold (4 quarters) game. I did manage to win by holding two quarters and contesting 1. I put my oblit within LOS of his broadside and in the first turn (he got first turn) it was dead. My loadout was: LT w/ Kai gun, MoCU - 3x 5 man CSMs w/HBs, MoCU - 5man Havoc w/ 2x Autocannons, MoCU - Oblit.

    The 2nd game was an annihilation type in a city and I changed my loadout somewhat. I dropped a CSM squad, fit in an extra Oblit, and dropped another HB for a Lascannon. In this game I had my Las squad in a building, my Havocs in a bunker, and both could cover most of the field. The HB squad moved forward going after firewarriors and the LT and 1 Oblit (both move and shoot) did major damage to his crisis suits in the first round. The other oblit was shooting at his CDR unit and managed to kill him completely (4 wounds!) by the 3rd round. He gave up in the fourth round when he had nothing left but 1 Crisis suit and about 5 fire warriors between the two squads.

    The third game we didn’t get to finish. It started well with me getting initiative and insta-killing his CDR with my Las squad. I had the Havocs and Oblit firing at the broadside but they couldn’t take him out. The Las from the oblit was rolling 1s and the ACs just weren’t getting the wounds after saves. My oblit survived the first railgun but bit the dust in the 2nd round. My other oblit was badly placed and probably would have done very little for the rest of the game (he did manage to kill 4 firewarriors using the HB 2x). Besides the Oblit he hadn’t killed anyone because of the wonderful 3+ save. One round the HB squad got hit by 4 missiles and rolled 4 3s... Hehe.

    So, what did I learn? Well, against Tau bring some low AP weapons to negate those armor saves (broadside) and high str to negate the 4 wounds (CDR), like Las. Also, being able to out-shoot him at 48? with exception to his Broadside helps alot. Firewarriors aren’t really a concern (except for their markerlights) as they will fail to wound or you’ll save against most of the shots. Also, when the points go up (to say 750) I will be brining artillery. That damn JSJ technique was making his Crisis suits invincible in the 3rd game (and hard to hit in the others). Either artillery or a Fast Attack squad to get into CC with the bastards (or both) will definitely be in my list at higher points.

    Any thoughts?

    R.I.P. Iron Warriors, you will be missed.

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    I don't really have any thoughts but you have certainly help me out wheneve I fight Tau again. Range certainly helps against them. And as for CC however, I suggest a squad of infiltrating Raptors-they should do the trick.

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