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    World Eater Berzerkers

    I just getting my World Eaters army together and have a few questions and a couple of ideas on Berzerker squad efficiency. What I’m asking and written is with the view of taking on all comers.

    Here’s my proposed squad composition. I’ll take 3-4 of these in 1,500-2,000pts games.

    Squad of 8 CSM Berzerkers: Mark of Khorne, 7x Bolt Pistol, 8x Chainaxes, 8x Frag Grenades, Icon of Khorne, Furious Charge. The Aspiring has a Chaos Spawn, Power Fist, Daemonic Visage and a Talisman of Burning Blood.

    Question 1: Should I consider Plasma Pistols? So far I don’t feel they’re worth it, and would be really hacked off at losing an expensive Berzerker who got a bit too hot.

    Question 2: Furious Charge. Obviously this increases the cost of already expensive troops, however it does look very useful. Worth taking?

    Question 3: Chain Axes. Again they increase the cost of already expensive troops. Worth taking?

    Question 4: Should I have some or all of these squads in Rhinos with EA/Smoke? Obviously the Spawn would have to go.

    Eight Berzerkers is a reasonable number, but could easily be shot up to a point where they won’t win their assaults. At 19-23 points each they’re not exactly cheap, and increasing their numbers loses their Favoured status. Adding a Spawn does not screw up the Favoured status as Spawns are Wargear. However, the unit strength is increased to ten. FAQs made it clear that Spawn can keep up with any extra movement gained.

    Daemonic Visage is SO cheap, it’s a great choice for any Assault orientated Aspiring Champion.

    Lord Ramon

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    Lord Ramon, here's my take on the questions:

    1) Plasma pistols are shooting attacks. Your bezerkers should be in CC where they offer nothing more than a bolt pistol. In CC numbers is the key, so your analysis is spot on. I think that you should leave them out.
    2) Furious Charge is purely an expense issue. If you can afford it, definitely have it. striking before marines and at the same time as many HQs is a great thing. wouding Meqs on 3+ is brilliant and means more potential damage to vehicles.
    3) To me, a bezerker ALWAYS costs 20. This is a no brainer.
    4) Using 2-4 Rhinos as moving walls is a great way to protect your psycho boys until they reach the meat. people worry about having their zerkers run out, but the key is to have them BEHIND not inside.

    Visage is wonderful and cheap. Like D. Str for champs.

    Happy butchering
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    8 is a good number for Khornate units(and non khornate assault units) it allows for multiple squads and has enough numbers to soak up the hits and still be combat effective.

    The high points cost is part of the "cost" of using berzerkers, and they are usually worth their points.

    Chainaxes are great against anything in 3+ or better armor(MEQ, necrons, termies, you name it, groan when the chainaxe/choppa comes out) they are a cheap upgrade relatively speaking, and are worth the points and still not a huge loss when you face oponnets that don't get their armor reduced by it.

    I personally really like Rhinos in my assaulty armies, my Space wolves use them, My blood angels used to use them. Just keep in mind that when your troopers frenzy they will jump out like the insane lunatics they are.

    I've never used spawn myself, but I seem to remember someone around the forums(maybe it was Cal, saying they aren't worth it, I don't remember)

    Bang on about the plasma, 2 plasmaweapons is about 1 berzerker, and having more berzerkers= better chance of victory.

    Just don't forget your powerfists for your AC for the times you WILL get baited.
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    OK, the way i see it:

    Berzerkers are cc monsters, a chaos spawn in kinda unneccessary.

    The Talisman i have a mixed opinion about. They make your guys frenzy more. Generally that is a good thing, however if you dont want them to frenzy its a bad thing (moving the direction you want them to, and not towards the dreadnought that deep striked behind you) Also for holding objectives, you dont want them charging off.

    Plasma Pistols: I dont use, they may be worth it. But generally the low ap of the weapon is not useful due to chainaxes.

    Furious Charge: Ive used it, and trust me, if you charge, you will destroy utterly. It does put up your points cost though. Probably the best skill you could give them.

    Chain axes: These are, without doupt, the best thing you could give a berzerker. ALWAYS take them. As far as i can tell, every army has at least one thing with either a 3+ or a 2+ save, And odds are, the berzerkers are going to face them. The big irony is that only half of the close combat weapons in the berzerker box are chainaxes, the other half are chainswords. Gotta hate games-workshop for that. Dont let it discourage you though, most people shouldn't care.

    Rhinos: Dont have them, probably dont need them. Frenzy will get you fast enough, and if you frenzy, you have to disembark. not good.

    8 Is a good number for a squad, its not so small its easy to blow apart, and its not so big that it restricts your versetality. Seeing as the only other number that gives you a free champ is 16, and to me, thats way too big for games up to 1500 points. Stick with 8.

    Agreed, visage is good, but IMO, you dont want your opponent to run away the close combat you charge. Then they get to shoot and/or assault you their turn. Try to Aim on finishing them in the second turn, that way they just avoided a turn of shooting and get to charge another unit! Careful planning would involve Taking furious charge when you know you wont completly wipe your enemy out in that assault phase. (commonly, necrons)

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