I wan't able to bump the old thread I had on this subject so I had to create a new one ...

I have another CP tournament coming up and I have decided to do AL... the old thread was very informative but I still have a few questions. At any rate, I'm looking at Lt with DB and Inf, and 3 squads of CSM. I'm having trouble fitting everything into 400 points and I have been wondering if it is necessary to put the MoCU on all of my troops. They will be infiltrating HB/Plasma squads. I was hoping to use 6 man squads but it looks like I will have to settle on 5 man.

My Lt is coming in at 103 points with Dark Blade, D. Speed, D. Res, Infiltrate, and his BP + Frags. This seems way too expensive to me, especially in a 400 point game. He doesn't have the survivability to make up the 103 points and I plan on using him as a first turn charger. I think Speed and Resilience are necessities, and the DB is so much better than the Power Weapon equivalent it shouldn't even be a problem. I'm just really afraid of running into an opponents power fist squad or what not.

On a second point that is also where I feel my list is weak... I won't have any power fists at all just my lieutenant. If the first turn charge doesn't go my way or the opponent sets up so well that he is going to be toasted then I think that would be the game right there. My Lt. isn't good enough to whipe out an entire squad on first turn... at least not marines. I don't know... maybe i'm just overly worried.

Suggestions? I always appreciate the insights of players more experienced than me... I've only played maybe 10 CP games and they were all against my one space marine friend. Our last tournament had players using Dark Eldar, Space Marines with 2 speeders, two tau lists with annoying JSJ stealth suits and marker lights, plus a necron player.