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    Thousand Sons Tactica !

    Thousands Son Tactica

    Hi again. In order to fulfill my promise of providing a tactica for each cult army, here are my thoughts about the great Thousand Sons. Keep in mind that I’ve won only 50% of my Thousand Sons battles so there are probably stuff I don’t understand.

    Strength and weakness
    This is what makes it good of bad

    First of all, the Thousand Sons Rubrics Marines (2 wounds models) are though. In fact, they are as tough as 2 standard Chaos Marines would be. And they also come at nearly the same price as 2 standard Chaos Marines. So, why to pay so much for 1 Chaos Marine when you could get 2 for the same price ?

    Well, that is a good question… A Thousand Sons army should be seen as a mobile Stand and Shoot army. Ok, they move slower than regular Marines and way slower than Khorne Berzerkers, but as completely opposed to these angry fellow, they can always fire using Slow and purposeful rule. Now, you will tell me that, for the same amount of points, you could buy an Emperor Childrens Noise Marine with a Sonic Blaster that is way better at moving and shooting. Right. But they don’t get the extra wound, do they ? Does your aspiring champions automatically get the sorcerer upgrade ?

    Because this is the other side of Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons : you get a lot of sorcerers. Aspiring champions are sorcerers, Chosens are sorcerers, Possessed are sorcerers, HQ are sorcerers, even the daemons may use a Chaos psychic power.

    Lets take a closer look at all these little fellows.

    Mark of Tzeentch

    The mark of Tzeentch mainly grant you these gifts.

    Aspiring champions, Chosens, Possessed, HQ


    Other marines (or Rubric marines)


    In counterpart, you must accept the following disavantage :

    Tzeentch Lord and Lieutenants
    Useful, very useful…

    In most army, I would recommend to spend less points on HQ and more on troops. In this particular army, since your troops already cost a lot and since they can’t be customized, HQ become one of your best card in the play set. I would recommend to always use at least 2 lieutenant in each and every game of 1000+ points. Tool them to accomplish what your Rubrics Marines can’t do, i.e. fight big monster, move fast and take down tanks. They are sorcerer and have access to extra Psychic powers that come in handy to accomplish theses tasks.

    Rubric Marines
    Slow, dead slow, but they can sustain a lot of damage

    They are neither fast or powerful, yet they are strong and resilient. The only thing that will realy hurt a thousand sons Rubric Marine is S8+ template weapons. In close combat, they are as good as any marine (the new version of Slow and Purposeful don’t make them strike last anymore). At shooting, they are slightly better than your average marine. So in the end, they are fairly good for their points, but you have to play them a lot to really understand it. As for World Eaters, you have to slowly understand how to play them.

    Tzeentch's Possessed

    You pay 32 points for a W1 sorcerer and you still have to pay for the psychic powers… Pretty lame. Yet, they still can fulfill the close combat specialist role Thousand Sons often desperately need. I would advise against those point sink. If you want sorcerers, look at the Chosens.

    Tzeentch's Chosens
    Sorcerer pack

    They are a slightly better choice than the possessed. At 27 point each, you can kit them to fulfill anti-infantry role. Yet, this is what your Rubric Marines are good at, so why bother. The other idea is to use them as Havocs since they can bear heavy weapons.

    Tzeentch's Chosen Terminators
    Might be good…

    This is the first way to include terminators in your Thousand Sons army. Chosen Terminators are as good as any terminators except that they can also all be equipped with Psychic powers, which is good. The counterpart of this is the same as every other units in this army, they come at high price.

    But there is a better alternative…

    Tzeentch's Rubric Terminators
    Might be better…

    This is the other way to include terminators in your Thousand Sons army. If you read carefully the Weaponry of the follower of Tzeentch entry, you’ll see that Rubric Marines can be upgraded to terminators. Two wounds terminators in fact. They don’t get any other upgrades regular Chosen Terminators would get, but they are all equipped with power weapons. The aspiring champion still only have W1, but he is a sorcerer. In addition to the well known resilience of Tactical Dreadnought Armour (Terminator Armour), they become an excellent elite choice in a cult army (for once).

    Lord of Change
    Screeeeeeek Yarkadakadak !!!!!!!!

    Of all greater daemons, he seems to be the worst of all. He’s got excellent weapon skill and initiative and fair ballistic skill and strength. He can fly. He can get through light to medium armoured vehicles. Yet, compared to the other, he doesn’t seems to do the job. Let’s say he’s good, but not great. I would rather buy a lord than buy this daemon. But that’s me.

    Feel sorry for them…

    Oki. Lets state something right now. Why the most powerful, wisest of all gods of Chaos created these so poor daemons. They cost more than Daemonettes (which are the relatively best Daemon of chaos), they are slow, short ranged, poor shooters and even poorer fighter. What’s the deal man. Couldn’t you create something a little better. I the old time, at least, they were splitting when they were slain.

    A little better…

    Now, you can equip your horrors with heavy bolters and call them Flamers. Great… Yet, they can come in handy to kill troops. Oh, wait, this is what Rubrics Marines do best. Oh, well…

    Not bad …

    Screamers are special. First, they fly, which is good. Next, they cost a fair amount of points for what they do. Then, they are the only available fast attack of this army. Finally, they don’t get stuck in melee, so your Rubric Marines can still fire at the unit they were clashing with last turn. They are good and add some speed to this army.

    Availlable units
    Oh yeah, there are some restrictions ...

    By playing a pure Tzeentch army, you must accept some sacrifices :

    HQ : All of it, only the Lord of Chande (le Seigneur du Changement en français) is available as greater daemon.

    ELITE : Chosens, Possessed, Rubric Terminators, No obliterator (sorry).

    TROOP : Thousand Sons Rubric Marines, Horrors and Flamers.

    FAST ATTACK : Screamers.

    HEAVY SUPPORT : No havocs (yeah, too bad).

    How to build a Thousand Sons Army
    Don't forget I may be wrong

    Basic concepts first

    1- Everything cost a lot, and you’ll need every single models to win the game, so : buy more troops !

    2- Roles are reversed in this army and your Aspiring champions and Characters are the ones to bear the heavy weapons (Psychic powers).

    3- You need speed. Since you can’t infiltrate, you’ll have to use Rhinos to move some of your troop faster. Remember that if you don’t add up some speed to your army, you’ll be easily outmanoeuvred.

    4- Predators are your friends. As for World Eaters, they are the best way to deal with ranged heavy vehicles.

    Daemon bomb variant
    What ?!!

    Oki, unless you try to build a daemon bomb out of Terminators and Screamers, I don’t really see how you’ll be able to make it work properly. If you know a way to do it otherwise, please tell me.

    Mobile Stand and Shoot variant
    Rhinos !

    This is the most common way to play Thousand Sons. Field as much Rubric Marines and Rubric Terminators as you can. Use 2 HQ equipped to deal with annoying troops and/or to tank hunt and use one or more predator as support. This army works well if used in packed formation. Advance with rhinos, droop your Rubric Marines, shoot, wait to be assaulted by weakened units and win. Deep striking might add some survivability to your terminator. Land raider might also come in handy.

    Deathwing variant
    Field as much terminator as you can

    The idea is to build an army that use the 5 terminator slots (3 chosen, 2 rubric) and to field 2 small Rubric Squads in rhinos with Teleport Homers. You run the rhinos where you want your terminators. You drop the terminators. You kill everything. This variant looks good, cost a lot and doesn’t achieve a lot. Yet, it might be fun.

    Tzeentch's armoury
    Stuff that could CHANGE your life (this is a joke… )

    Bedlam staff

    Power Weapon that stun wounded enemy. Well… No use for me. Any idea ? Maybe against Tyranids...

    Blasted standard

    This one must be fun to model. Might be fun against TAU or Eldars. This thing works even in close combat. The only drawback is the point cost. Use with care.

    Bolt of change (Psychic power)

    This it the Heavy weapon of Tzeentch. Fired as an assault weapon, good payload, medium range, best used with deep striking terminators. The cost is also high.

    Eye of Tzeentch

    Multipurpose re-roll. It might come in handy for a melee character. Yet, most advanced players will advise against it.

    Inferno bolts

    I’m still not sure about this one. Since only Aspiring Champions and HQ can buy this upgrade, and since those guy can use better weapons, they don’t seems to be so great. If only regular chosens could have access to it, this would be great.

    Disk of Tzeentch

    This is a good gear to give to a tank hunting independent character. He gets good bonuses at a lower price.

    Talissement of Tzeentch

    Unless you’re playing against a psychic oriented army such as Eldars, this has no great use. Yet, for the points, it’s not so bad.

    Thrall wizards

    Great if your sorcerer is neither mounted in a rhino nor deep striking. They will allow your psycker to accomplish great things such as killing many models with Gift of chaos in a single turn or score many hits in a tank with Bolt of Change.

    Twisting path (Psychic power)

    This is an underrated power. Not only will it gives you free victory points, it will also pin your target. This is a non-negligible bonus since thousand sons are good at shooting things. This might prevent units from charging you, this may stun havocs for a turn, etc. Don’t underestimate it.

    Warp blade

    The Warp blade is the Collar of Khorne of Tzeentch, with the potential to kill an enemy psycker without even touching it. Except against Necrons, this daemon weapon will often become useful. Otherwise, It’s still a power weapon.

    Tzeentch's minor power worth mentioning

    4- Reckoning of Tzeentch : This one is good as it allows your Marines to re-roll a missed to hit roll. It’s good.

    6- Withering gaze : This one is not only good, he is great. Do I need to say more ? à

    What do you think ?

    Last edited by Lost Nemesis; January 19th, 2007 at 04:28.
    CHAOS Undiv.: won 14/22 games EC: 4/7 WE: 6/9 DG: 10/15, TS: 3/7 Orks : 13/20 SM NL : 1/6 TAU: 14 of 24 IG: 3/7

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    I think it's great, except you forgot to talk about Ranged shooting(more shoot, no rhino, some shooty demons), really usefull agains't horde army.

    Chosens Of Arhiman Army, the rules for the chosens can be found in WD, it's a lieutnant that cost a little more and have ''the key'' ability, it work like the Necron ''spell'' that let you deepstrike your troops during your movement phase(or something like that, anyway it is pretty good). The way to use it is really easy, the way i use it is 2 Chosens, 2 Squad of 18 Marine, a squad of 9 that will advance and shoot, 2 Predator to shoot, 9 Flamers to summon near the squad of 9 marine to maximize firepower.

    the tactic is too shoot the max you can on first turn, on second turn deep strike to ''safe'' spot near your enemys troop, equip your squad Champions with Wind of Chaos, once you deepstrike, if your in less then 12'' of an opponent, you can cast Wind of Chaos twice, shoot 34 bolter shot and 2 doombolt(the chosen). the next turn you charge if you havent been charged yet.

    i hope youll understand

    ps. the chosens are chapter approved, ask your opponents if you can use it.

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