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    In need of a holding hand.

    This may be more appropriate in the Army List section, but I am more or less looking for advice... a starting point.

    A want to start a LatD army. Around 1000 points to begin. The big problem is that I have no idea where to begin! I plan to spend too much time painting them, and even more time being engaged in some rich fluff that feels good.

    My initial interest was in Word Bearers. Not only is the paint scheme pretty sexy, but I also like the idea of a roaring Dark Apostle spitting litanies about the false Emporer leading a growing band of mutants, traitors, and his own group of veteran chaos marines into a battle against anything around.

    But I don't really know!

    My second guess at a legion was Emp's Children, cause I like the concept of noise weapons. But its barely a fancy.

    So I'll tell you what I think I want to do with an army list, in general.

    I was thinking about getting the IG box set, with the 20 or so guardsmen, and the Leman Russ, and a few heavy weapons, too. But is that realistic, for a starting point?

    I think I want the Lord to be based around crazy fun assaulting. But I don't want to play Alpha Legion (been there, so to say).

    I also LOVE the sentinel. I don't really understand it's draw, but I know I like it.

    So here goes...

    A russ, some sentinals in there as support for it, and the troops. 2 units or so of traitors just to hold the firepower, like lascannons. 2 decent sized mutant groups shilding some hidden power fists, and maybe some extra Asp. Champ HQs so I can take a full fledged word bearer lord as "general". Maybe some demons. I dunno! (edit: Forgot about oblits, if appropriate)

    Any guidance would be lovely, as I know I want to fall to the ruinous powers, just not sure exactly where at.

    I should also mention, that while I want this list to be fluffy, in its own way, I am interested in being competetive. So if I am completely off base, my god please say it.

    Thanks again!

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    It's generally acknowledged that, as fluffy as traitors may be, their only functions are:

    1. infiltrated icons
    2. unlocking the leman russ and basilisk.

    Mutants. Huge packs of mutants are what you need, especially if you want to go Word Bearer.
    It's very cool having wordbearer ally LaTD, but i'm a bit dubious tactically at anything under 1500. The simply reason being.. the only benefit of Word Bearers you can get in a LaTD army is an accrozius wielding Demagogue Dark Apostle - which i wouldn't really consider for games under 1500.

    The advantages are unlike EC, they don't have any marks, so you can take your full 2 ally troop squads.

    At the end of the day, you can take them where you want though. You have a pretty solid idea of what you want. So why not jump in with a list or three before making any purchases?

    Once you have a greater idea of what you're building to, you'll be able to fashion your models appropriately.
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