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    IW oblits vs Las/Plas

    What makes max oblits chessy vs max las/plas? I am starting IW soon for the extra tanks. I have never used las/plas squads but I saw them used against me recently with fairly good effect.

    Why do people load up on oblits? Are they that great on the table?

    Are oblits better than las/plas? Seems like they fill the same role. Even though they are slow, oblits are a movable firing platform.....

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    The problem (for our stinky enemies anyway) is that obliterators are good and a threat against any target.

    Vehicle? Las cannon or twin link melta gun it.

    GEq? (Guard Equivelant) Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Flamer

    Marines? Twin linked Plasma them.

    You get the idea.

    So with just three, they're a nasty thread. Terminator armour, plague marine toughness, thousand sons wounds, deepstriking and a ward save to top it all off.

    the enemy needs to devote special things to kill them because general fire arms aren't going to do much. With 3, it's not so bad, unless you're very clever with your deepstriking.

    Now consider the situation with 3 seperate squads. Only armies like Iron warriors tend to have the firepower needed to take out 9 oblits, which is ironic really.

    They're just very good units who get stronger the more you have.

    Please note though, against a clever opponent, they can be a disadvantage too, as any krak missile, powerfist or lance weapon can instant kill them.

    The minimum las/plas squads definitely are more surviveable, but they aren't usefull against all targets, and they are susceptible to small arms fire spam.

    Oblits aren't cheesy at all. I'd like to see them go to 80 points for a proper T5.. but otherwise they're cool.
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    Yeah, what Karmoon said.

    To add just a tiny bit more, it's very easy for 9 obliterators to be taken down by, let's say, an infantry based I.G. army. With 18+ lascannons, the oblits will fall in 1-2 rounds. It's about finding the right balance. Like Karmoon said, an experienced opponent can manage obliterators and turn the tide against Iron Warriors.

    At 70 points a pop, it's very easy to have model reduction issues on the board. I personally enjoy playing against these builds, because oblits fall quickly to both plasma guns and lascannon predators. That's 70 points down the drain each time I pull the trigger. Who can ask for anything more (as the song goes)?
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