heres what i have to start with for my LATD army. Ill come up with some background a little later. So give it the once over and offer some suggestions for 1000 pts please.

1 Commodore Brutus (Chaos Lieutenant) (HQ) @ 85 Pts
Power Fist (x1); Combi-Melta

15 Mutants (Troops) @ 120 Pts
Horrifying; Firearms; Frag Grenades

15 Traitors (Troops) @ 143 Pts
Compulsory Troop choice; Lasgun (x13); Lascannon (x1); Flamer (x1); Frag

1 Leman Russ Battle Tank (Heavy Support) @ 165 Pts
Turret Battle Cannon; Hull Lascannon; 2 Sponson Heavy Bolters

Army Cost: 513