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    Rules I forget...

    I wanted to write up a list of the interesting rules that I forget about... Maybe it will jog my memory enough to remember, or you guys can offer different interpretations.

    BBB P19, "Choose a target:"
    There are really two Target Priority rules. One for "Small Targets" and one for "Large Targets". I remember that the small target rule but usually think that I can ignore Target priority to shoot at ANY large target, but you can only shoot at the CLOSEST Large Target without passing a leadership test. A Land Raider 1 inch closer than a rhino gives a slight amount of protection to the rhino.

    BBB P21, Line of Sight:
    Line of sight must be traced to the body of the target model. No more "I can see your gun, so I can hit you." arguments.

    BBB P71 Assaulting a vehicle:
    A vehicle which is immobilized before the assault phase is auto hit. So a vehicle that moved 12 inches during their turn, but was immobilized during my shooting phase is auto hit in an assault.

    BBB P72 Grenades:
    Frag Grenades have a strength value!

    You may now return to the Warp.

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    Hey there kb10r,

    Thanks for your concern and willingness to help out your Chaos brethren. Kudos for that.

    I'm going to lock this thread, however, for a few reasons:

    1. It's not really in the right forum, because, general non Chaos specific rules matters should go in the 40K rules section.

    2. While there's nothing specifically wrong with your post, it comes very close to copyright breach. Also, threads like this run a high risk of breaching copyright, so best to nip it in the bud hmm?

    So, with those two reasons in mind, just to reiterate - it's nothing personal, and thanks for wanting to help others. There is never any shame in helping other people - ever.

    K (returns to warp)
    LO Rules

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