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Thread: the new sprues

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    the new sprues

    i've seen 2 of them! for some reason, my local GW always shows new sprues to people, so i now i saw a completed terminator and the possosion sprue.

    The terminator looks very cool, nice new trophy racks!

    The possesion sprue also looked cool, some heads looked pretty naff, but some where cool.
    The heads looked like you can pick one for every legion / concept (helmets, fangs, that sort of thing).

    My favourite head was one that looked like it came from the same man who designed the dryads, very cool and slaaneshi. Another groovy one was one of a guy with a face full of teeth.

    The backpacks are also pretty nice, the winged one looks like arms sprang from it and the others looked really nice with the portruding horns. there are however only a limited amout of backpacks with wings (=2).

    There is also a choice of different torso's, back and front, with faces in them, teeth etc.

    The arms are cool, period. I except to see the arms used the most for conversions.

    What I was most font of however is the loose leg option: the sprue basicly had a few extra legs and feet so you can change a leg on one of your "normal" marines and alter his appearance and stance, very nifty!

    There was one thing however that i was real dissapointed about:
    The quality of the cast, it was made with that new darker grey plastic and the depth and sharpness on the models was quite poor. I hope this was just a one off because the imagination gone into of these new models is enormous!

    on a side note, the price for the Baneblade will be 90 euro's (in holland anywayz)


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    you're lucky, but thanks for the info. my local GW store doesn't do anything like that. heck, the bunker doesn't do anything like that.

    and if the internet is correct, than 90 euros is about- STUPID COMPUTER! the internet crashed. if this post doesn't come up than that means that i am going to tear my computer limb from- well you ge the point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeZu View Post
    The terminator looks very cool, nice new trophy racks
    Pity about the 40mm bases . . .

    only a limited amout of backpacks with wings (=2)
    Since Popo can't get Flight any more, that's all right.

    I except to see the arms used the most for conversions
    Note to CSM converters -

    Spawn + Champion + Possessed Sprue =

    42 Mutation arm, 2 large Spawn arm
    5 Standard arm w/ Icons of T, N, K, S and U
    4 chainsword arms, 4 BP arms
    6 bolter arms w/ 3 Bolter
    5 Torsos
    6 Marine head, 6 Champ head, 12 Mutation head
    10 shoulder pads
    Powerfist, Powersword arm, 2 Plaspistol arms
    Meltagun, Plasmagun, Flamegun, Heavy Bolter
    8 Chaos shoulder pads, 5 Legionnaire pads
    8 backpacks, 2 Batwing backpacks, 1 AC backpack
    2 Spine wings, Fang maw, Eyeballs, Mandibles, etc.
    2 Spawn bodies
    A pile of misc spike/ antler bits
    4pr Marine legs + Spider legs

    Spider legs! X- D


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