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    Best way to go with what i got.

    Hi, I just got some fresh new space marines and im relativley new to them. ( New to warhammer 40k also )

    What i want to know is to either go shooting or close combat army or whatever other armies are there.

    What i have:

    20 tactical Space Marines ( 1 Lascannon, 1 heavy bolter, 1 plasma rifle )

    5 Scouts ( all with sniper rifles )

    5 Assault Marines

    1 Predator

    1 Dreadnought

    1 Master Commander

    5 man command squad

    I have to find out if i should be a shooting or close combat army before i can figure out my personal traits.

    Please critisize, and question and comment my army list and post. I just want to find out what i should do.:ninja:

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    A: what's in the command squad? is it typical Bearer/Apothecary ETC ETC?
    IF so just throw them with the Commander and make a command squad

    Everything you got so far is a shooter list.

    Everything but the assault squad that is...

    Your tactical marines can be split into 5 mans or better(up to 10 ( i'd suggest no less than 6))

    The dread can be a shooty dread if you have the bits/points..The predator should have heavy bolter sponsons no matter what pattern you choose that way it can move and fire.

    scouts with sniper rifles...Well

    Honestly, you're list is what you've got....that's it.

    doing some basic math (not adding in extra's and doodleboppers) You've got CLOSE to 1000pts there..

    meaning, with all the normal amenaties (Vet fists here, and power weapons there etc etc) you'll hit 1000 no yeah..
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    Id make the tac squads into 1 10 man squad with the hb , and a 6 man with las and plasma and have the other 4 into the command squad to bulk it out . Everything else is straight forward , power fist here power fist there .

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