Well, you guys may be thinking... you are about to get married!... what the hell are you thinking about warhammer now for. Hehe, well it turns out that my dearly beloved will start work on the friday night, and she works 3-24 hour shifts at her job (this includes 8hr sleep per day), so Emperor willing I will be able to attend this tourney in Woodstock. On Saturday the 11th of August.
Now, as I dont have time to really do any hobby stuff I was thinking of taking the list I took to the last tourney...


My list- Black Templars 9th Crusade 'Imperator Mortiferus'
-Emperors Champion -Uphold the Honour
-Master Of Sanctity- Power armour, Crozius, Rosarius, Bolt Pistol, Frags, Bionics, Holy Orb Of Antioch, Crusader Seals
- 6 Assault Terminators FC
+ LRC dozerblade, smoke
Crusaders 1 'Faith' VII - 7 initiates, 1 neos, PF, MG, frags +rhino, XA smoke- Ec rides here
Crusaders 2 'Repent' II- (same as above) -Chaplain rides here
Crusaders 4 'Fury' - 5 Initiates, 1 neo, Lascannon + Razorback, XA, TL heavy bolters
Crusaders 5 'Redemption' - 5 Initiates, 1 neo (same as above) + Razorback (same as above+searchlight)
Vindicator POTMS

TOTAL- 1700pts

This list gave me a Best General in the Last Tourney I was in (abeit my only tourney) that included 11 other ppl. Drawing out a Minor loss, 2 massacres and a draw vs TS, Deathwatch SM, Necrons and Orks respectively. If you want more info on how I did at the tourney chech out my blog.. you can see all the batreps to see how my list has done in past games. As for changes to this list. I dont think I can do any as I already have the display tray for it and I am not about to make another one (just yet, great plans in head).

Well thanks for reading, remember -this is pending wife approval- hehe, I cant beleive im 20 and saying that.