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    Ogryn Makeover..


    What can I say about them...

    Well I know the next codex is at least 3 years off. I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE CURRENT IG CODEX, JUST OGRYNS. Why I am complaining, because I like the fluff behind ogryns and I don't see them in much use because of the lack of utility on the table top.

    I do not particularly like the models, though I do enjoy the conversions i see.

    As for models. They look like a bunch of drunk rednecks named Bubba. I don't really get the impression of a human who has evolved into a large, strong, and dumb-witted sub species. I get hill billy. However, I do like the rip of the ripper gun, but that is were it all ends as for aesthetics.

    As for the game play and stats thats another story.

    The points are way too much. More than two space marines. Yeah they have plenty of wounds but at the T of a space marine I have seen them drop faster then the player always expects. A powerfisted marine sergeant would just say "Oh look two ogryns are insta killed the first round of combat." Also the flack armor is terrible considering the point cost. Strength (along with the ripper gun bonus) and Initiative make good sense. But I do believe that the ballistic skill of a guardsmen should been a little too hopeful for these IQ deficient abhumans. Also you can take 3 to 10 but you need at least 5 to be effective.

    My main grumbles and suggestions for the grumbles:

    1. The models are not really impressive aesthetically. I know many who convert from fantasy ogryns because they despise the 40k models so much. New PLASTIC models would be nice. This probably wont happen for many years but whatever....

    2. Armor might possibly need to be improved to that of carapace.

    3. If no armor increase then definitely Toughness should be the same as a nurgle marine. Insta kill weapon render their utility useless in combat.
    (I think many will agree with this) This is my main beef.

    4. They do not do what they are intended to do. I don't expect them to be CC champions but I expect them to be speed bumps. They don't last as long in combat as they should. Conscripts with an officer nearby work better as speed bumps. Ive have seen this done many times before. I have done this many times before. They will hold a demon prince or carnifex up much longer than ogryns.

    Most guard players know they lack CC. So they take rough riders, death watch, or even kroot. Ogryns are just being outdated. I would like to see improvement so I can see them more on the table top.

    In closing let me say that rough riders do their job as "one hit wonders" taking out amour or even melta bombing a tank or two. Conscripts can cause much frustration to monstrous creatures (a favorite tactic of mine), Hell,kroot even do something. But ogryns...maybe they should just move heavy boxes or be banned to manual labor.

    Please tell me what you think. Even if you think I a blooming idiot.


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    Well atleast the first part of what you want is coming. Here is a threadf concerning the arrival of new Ogryn models. Not sure what you'd think, but I think they look great compared to the current ones.

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    The Ogryns themselves could do with a bit of an update ruleswise, at the moment they're too situational and expensive to work their way into many player's lists.

    ... only triumph could turn pooing his pants into a good thing..

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