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Thread: time to tweak

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    time to tweak

    ok soo i havent played 40K in a number of years thi i have to say i still have my copy of Rouge trader and both realm of chaos books ... (man that makes me feel old)

    so anywho i have recently found somr time back in my life and decided to get back into the thick of things, i wandered into my local gaming store today and had a bit of a look at the new rules and they seem ok.

    i have allways been a marine player and i dont see that changing todays foray found me looking at the Dark Angels Codex and thinking i will be fielding a DA army as yet i have no point size in mind but ill be putting together a list of figures that will allow me to throw alot of diferent choices on the table the dea is that i will create several diferent army lists at diferfent point levels and then decide on the fly

    all this lead me to another exercise in madness and i have looked working a chapter list then i will take obtain and paint the units i need to work my army lists and after that i will take a selection of squads and paint them up for a good display

    so this leads me to have some questions about the chapter list

    ok soo we have 10 Companies for a start these being

    7 Battle Companies (3 through 9)
    and the scout company

    now being that death wing is comprised entirely of Terminator Squads and there are 5 Marines per squad dose this mean that there are only 50 Marines in Deathwing (based on the 10 Squads per company ) or are there 20 companies (given the Space marine Codex statment that there are roughly 100 marines per company

    the same question is asked about the scout company but this may be answered when i pick up the DA codex tomorow and find out if there are 10 scouts to a squad or 5

    question 3 is about Ravenwing and in the number of standard squadrons vs support squadrons now if you look at a battle company where you have 6 tatical 2 assault and 2 devastator squads this would give us 6 normal squadrons and 4 support but i cant find anywhere that tels me the numbers

    ok soo onward and we come o the HQ section of the chapter witch is outlined in the Space marine Codex as having the librarians and the Armory it says tech marines but how many
    and how many Librarians are we talking here

    now we get into tanks so far i have asigned a landrader to eacch Terminator squad and a Rhino to each tatical and devastator squad the Assault squads have there jumppacks so im guessing no Rhinos for those chaps and there increadable flying machines (yes im old) i have also asigned 3 dreadnoughts to deathwing and each battle company
    but there is still a question about how many other tanks there are in the chapters armory

    ok soo im hoping to provoke some discussion here and not a flame fest

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    ok, i think i help a little bit here

    all chapters (save the Black Templars and a few others) will have 1000 men, 100 to each company (roughly)

    Deathwing does have 100 marines, but GW i guess, didnt want to give you the option of having 10 termies with alternate weapon choices per squad :/ reasonable in my opinion so essentially you will have 25 termies for troops and another 15 for elites if you choose not to have dreadnoughts and the like, and up to 10 for HQ (5 each) giving u a total of 50 termies? yet, they do have 100 marines in fluff etc

    Ravenwing has 100 marines, yet they are all on bikes or speeders (2 per speeder.attack bike) so if you are for example, taking all 6 troops and 3 fast attack, it will only give you 90 marines? (if im correct) assuming u know u need the company captain order to do so same with Deathwing

    the Battle companies as u stated have 60 tactical marines, 20 Assault adn 20 Devastator marines give or take a few depending on set up and veterans etc but still, 100 at some point

    scouts, are 10 per squad, with options to break down into combat squads (5 in each) but i will let you read that for yourself but i personally, rationalize it as tho scouts are dispatched to each company in order to provide support and recon (essentially leaving 'no' 10th company other than its command and any really new recruits )

    as for the Librarians and Techmarines, you kinda lost me there :s if im getting what i think your saying, they you can take 1 Techmarine for every 1 tank (excluding rhino and razorback)
    Librarians are taken in any amount of number, its like the Armoury, no real set number, the chapter has a Librarium and a dozen or so Librarians, maybe 1 for each company may 10 for each company

    as for how many tanks are in the chapter amroury, i cant say, every chapter is differnt, no doubt the Imperial Fists have lots of Vindicators adn whirlwinds for thier sieges, where as DA will have mix of all tanks

    and yes, 1 rhino for every squad, even assault if they arent havign jump packs Landraiders tho, well i would say that Deathwing would have a healthy compliment of the blessed things, but i, myself, wouldnt go so far as to naming 1 per termie squad

    and as a side note, with Apocalpse just about to come out, Death Wing and Raven wing (and any other company to be fair) wont need to worry about only 50 termies, you will be able to field all of them with no FOC in Apocalypse (whoo!)

    anyway, i hope that is of some help sorry its so long
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