Hey guys, just asking for some advice and ideas etc on this IG army im thinking about making.

Its not really a 'competitive' style army, just somthing of a themed/fluffy army that i had had in my mind for quite a while, and with the release of new Ogryn models, its time i took a look at wether its possible or not

Ok, so far i am thinking of going for the following doctrines: Ogryns, Light Infantry, Iron Discipline, Heavy Weapons Platoons and possibly Sharpshooters. Other than L.I and Ogryns, they are all up for swaps so long as you suggest what i take instead and how to utilize it :yes:

The theme so far is as follows: using Catachans as my basic model. House Orlock Gangers for my Vets? and thats about it. im debating wether to fluff them as an 'Elite' Regiment ideal for fighting in dense terrain - but im not sure what colour sheme to go with, either Urban or Forest/Jungle?

HQ is rather simple, just an Officer of some kind with I.D and maybe some Support squads.

Troops will be 50/50 with L.I allowing some to flank or get behind my opponents and use Meltaguns and/or Flamers etc (maybe using Remnant squads for this bit, making them expendable :cry: ) while the others will sit and shoot or advance on the enemy (im a fan of advancing mass infantry etc) (kinda like a pincer move?)
Troops will also have Vet Sergeants unless Vox would be better?

2 squads of Ogryns to make their way to the enemy line, possibly via flanking, in order to club them into submission :yes:
A Veteran squad to provide some elite BS but i mite make them infiltate with Meltas or something

Fast Attack is more or less Sentinels galore :w00t:maybe Autocannons and Heavy Flamers

Heavy Support is well, just Heavy Weapons Platoons to keep their heads down, leaving my Troops able to keep on the move with just Special Weapons

Sharpshooters on a few select squads, mainly Heavy Weapons Platoons? and I.D on all my Officers

obviously i have no idea of a points total, but im not bothered about that just yet, i just want to see what you guys make of it

Again, any ideas/suggestions, all accepted

Happy Criticizing,