I was flipping through the AC doctrines, and unless I am missing something the siege regiment seems underpowered. Basilisks for troops would be really good sometimes, but having to take chimeras for your tank commanders and aces is brutal. A decently equiped chimera is about 90-100 points, which is quite expensive for it's firepower, but it somewhat makes up for that by being a transport. Now you are adding on another 65 or even 100 points to that, and lose the ability to take passengers, as any storm troopers or armoured fist squads have to take thier own chimera. You do get the increased BS, but that won't produce worth the points. So now you have vehicles that you know will not produce, so your artilery has to overproduce for you to win. Needing you tanks to produce equally is one thing, but NEEDING them to overproduce is ridiculous. We're guard, not space marines, we dont overproduce. At least let us take an infantry squad with the transports so we can have dug in infantry to protect the arty.

Also the siege regiment seems to rule out any possibility of using other doctrines, as almost all of them either help you move armound better, or take hits better, neither of which is the basilisk's job. You also can't use the best doctrine, ace gunners on indirect fire which is what bassies are for.

Any1 else have any thoughts on this matter?