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    Heavy Weapons Tactica

    Yes.... Heavy weapons.... Heavy weapons, should be a staple of the Imperial Guard. I don't think many will disagree with this.

    This tactica is based on the experiences of myself and my club. If you don't agree. Please, reply courteously why you feel so. Then address the specific area you do not agree with and support it accordingly.

    This tactica is based on being flexible. Meaning for tournaments were you do not know who you are facing. Or in a season campaign at the the store were players submit a fixed list that they must fight with for the entire season.

    It really ticks me off when my buddy asks for a pick a game and then says "Oh you play guard, let me make these changes then"

    This outline of the tactica can and should be edited as this is further discussed. I want people to post additional topics, headings (A,B,C...) or just add to the the sub points under the topic headings. I would like this to be organized. So just post some your suggestions and we can change this as we go.

    If you would like to propose a new topic heading, sub point, or argument to a current area then type this format in your post. That way others can easily refer to the main outline.

    Topic heading:

    X. blah blah blah

    1. blah

    a. blah blah
    b. blah blah

    2. blah

    Tactica: Heavy Weapons

    A. Obvious limits and disadvantages about IG and heavy weapons.

    1. Guard is not mobile army (even if you mechanize). Heavy weapon units should rarely, if ever move. We are not very mobile. We should concentrate on shooting, target priority and passing leadership tests.

    2. Expect dead guardsmen in squads toting las cannons. (These will mostly likely be lit up like my christmas tree when drunk uncle Charlie decided to put a flaming candle on the top of the tree.) This can be used to your advantage. Put this sqaud in cover if they are the only ones who can fit into it. An opponent can use many turns trying to get these guys.

    B. Obvious benefits and advantages about IG and heavy weapons

    1. You have to kill 9 guardsmen to get the heavy weapon in regular squads.

    2. Heavy weapons are the least expensive when in a ten man squad and officer squad.

    3. Great range

    4. The versatility can be great.

    5. The specialization (tank hunting, anti infantry) can be great

    C. Heavy weapon types and their purposes, Remember this is considering you are going against a diversity of armies

    1. Anti- tank (order of usefulness for this role)

    a. las cannon
    b. auto cannon
    c. rocket launcher

    2. Anti- infantry (order of usefulness for this role)

    a. heavy bolter
    b. auto cannon
    c. rocket launcher
    d. mortar (yes..I almost forgot about this one)

    3. Flexibility (order of usefulness for this role)

    a. auto cannon
    b. rocket launcher

    This will probably be debated, but I stand by the AC as the greatest, flexible, heavy weapon for the Imperial Guard.

    D. Deployment for heavy weapons Please help me by adding to this heading

    1. Split deployment. (there was a great article on this somewhere in the forums so I will not elaborate. However, if someone could post the link then I can edit it in later.

    2. As far back as possible

    3. Put lass cannon and auto cannon in cover before other heavy weapons. Assuming there is very little cover and terrain on the table. You need to protect your ability to take out armor and monstrous creatures.

    4. las cannons and auto cannons should be deployed so that they can maximize on taking out side armor. I love when my opponent forgets that my auto cannons can actually do something to his predator.

    E. What squad should get the heavy weapons and why ( not in priority order)

    1. normal infantry squads:

    This is a must. Nine guys must die before the guys with the heavy weapon dies. If you want a las cannon this squad should get it. (and Every IG army should be sporting at least 2 to 3 las cannons when you run a 2000pt competitive tourney or season.)

    2. heavy weapon squads:

    Best with heavy bolter and rocket launchers. It may not be the best idea to give these guys las cannon. Because they will be targeted ruthlessly. After three guardsmen get popped you start pulling las cannon guardsmen. I play with 5 heavy bolter weapon squads plus one in the heavy weapon officer squad. This is great against Nids, Tau, both eldar, other IG, kroot, orks. Still effective but less so against MEQs: marines, necrons, battle suits, even sisters. Pretty much you will witness a big difference with units who have the notorious power amour equivalent save. Even then, I would still take plenty of heavy bolters.

    Rebuttal by cebwj

    I do disagree with you in never using the support squads for las cannons. if you do this kind of setup, you could wreak havoc:

    3 Las cannons, sharpshooters, chameleon. (this comes to 130 pts and 2 doctrine points)

    "This squad will have a 3+ save in buildings, with re-rolls on 1's to hit for a very low point cost (compared to others armies). I know that it will get shot at alot, but with 3+ cover save they are hard to kill at range! Chances are that they are so good that if you make sure your opponents know how good they are, he will use so much of his army to fire at it, that it would be worth it just as a decoy." - cebjw

    Obviously a good tactic if a large part of your army is static.

    3. hardened veterans:

    This can be very effective if it lives to shoot. Always place this squad in cover and go with ten vets if you use this squad statically. I don't give them a heavy bolter, It is either las cannon or auto cannon. Beware, any experienced player will put this on the top of their priority list. Thats why I place all my las cannons in my infantry squads. I like this squad for their ability to take 3 special weapons, so I don't use them statically. But, others do and it works for them. Still, I think the normal infantry squad is best for las cannons.

    3. officer squads:

    Not always a good idea. But it still can be worth it. Make sure they are in cover. Or at least keep your officer out of LOS. That way he can still transfer his 12 inch leadership bubble. (If you must take mortars then this is the squad to take, though i would still recommend a heavy bolter)

    F. Leadership for your squads with heavy weapons

    1. the vox network:

    Very effective but this can get pricey (especially when you have well over 15 infantry units in your army)

    2. officer bubbles:

    A foot long radius is actually very long. They don't have to be bunched excessively. Don't forget this is free... ( also iron discipline works great with this form of leadership support. Also, a commissar leadership boost works pretty good if you can spare the points.

    However I just recommend the officer bubble with iron discipline

    3. veteran sergeants.

    This can be done by itself (not very effective) or can be done with vox and/or the leadership bubble

    G. Heavy weapons and/ or special weapons

    1. Heavy weapons only:

    Its a tried and true method but feel free to disagree.

    2. Heavy weapons with specials: (thanks to cebwj)

    a. auto cannon with plasma gun: good for taking down transports and high T enemies

    b. heavy bolter with plasma gun: great for infantry, especially heavy infantry and those pesky 2+ saves on termies, oblits, MC's, etc.

    c. rocket launchers and grenade launcher: infantry killer, but still has great range. This can take down transports and even get low to medium armor tanks pretty well

    d. las cannons and plasma gun: this equals long range fire power for popping tanks, MC's, and 2+ saves that get too close for comfort.

    Lets keep adding headings, sub points and revisions to this.....

    Last edited by Pinoy; August 28th, 2007 at 06:57.

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    I use specialweapons and heavyweapons in the same squads. Don't use Melta and lascannon in same squad, im with you on that. But if you were ever to have a weapon complimenting the autocannon, it would be the plasmagun! great at taking down transports, or high T enemies. I even use my plasma guns with heavy bolters to great preformance. The same would go to rocketlaunchers and grenade launchers, i guess (if used mainly to shoot infantry, but then agian, there are better options).

    I do disagree with you in never using the support squads for lascannons. if you do this kind of setup, you could wreack havock:
    3Lascannons, sharpshooters, chamelione.
    this squad will have a 3+ save in buildings, with re-rolls on 1's to hit for a very low point cost (compared to others armies).
    I know that it will get shot at alot, but with 3+ coversave they are hard to kill at range! Chances are that they are so good that if you make sure your opponents know how good they are, he will use so much of his army to fire at it, that it would be worth it just as a decoy.

    In other places in my army I mostly go for complimenting fire. I use heavy bolters in my infantry squads, as they and the lasguns have the same target. I use autocannons in my commandsquads, as I have a medic and some plasma troops, to take out ANY transport (save the landraider). There are only my medic's and my officer's shoots wasted.
    These are just my thoughts.
    -lurking in the shadows of LO.

    Officially diagnosed by Tekore
    Melkhior, Necrarch Lord

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